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Unread post Re: Make us happy, please by Cohors » 11. December 2017 22:19
Throwing this game in my dead apps folder, can’t play and no sign of life from Fishlabs.

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Unread post Re: Make us happy, please by Cobalt lancer » 20. February 2018 14:57
Hey everyone, dsfishlabs (owned by koch media) has been recently acquired by THQ Nordic. I think that this means cuts to the stuff, which means that probably there is no one right now in the office of GoF:A to work on the problems. Even if they periodically solve servers' problems it doesn't mean they are actively working on this game.
Personally, if the servers never recover, I'll try to get a refund from Google, otherwise if the game comes back up I will definitely stop spending on it, I don't even tell you how much I spent on this game because it would make you pale.
To everyone still playing, follow my advice: stop spending, trash your planets and become a ghost, at least you can have some real fun before this all ends.