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Unread post Can i get a refund? by Cobalt lancer » 20. February 2018 14:38
Hello everybody, as everyone may have noticed server W1A (and many others) has been down since friday the 16th, almost a week now. I have reports of other servers being down, even on ios, which is "fishlab's favorite".
We have not seen notice of any downtime on the forum, the only "notice" i received was a splash screen telling me the server was on maintenance, but I didn't see it anymore, the game just crashes now. Me and other players have wrote several times to the assistance never receiving an answer, only the default one.
I also have looked around the forum, this situation of silence from the developers has been around since july/august 2013 (go look for yourself in the old topics).
Anyway, while I couldn't access the game, other players could, and since we are at war right now we may have received some damage from which we could not defend ourselves.
My question is: if I ever get to play again and see that my troops (that I got by spending credits) and planets/fleets have been destroyed without giving me the possibility of defending, can I ask for a refund of the credits I spent?
And in a more drastic scenario: if the game is never recovered and we can't access it anymore, can we ask for a total refund to Google?