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I have been experiencing this issue for a very long time now and have probably lost at least 50 million XP points so far which is beyond being depressing. This has been reported several times through in game contact line, however it remains unresolved by FishLabs.

Here's the detail of the problem :
Let's say, at your level you are required to collect 5 million XP points to level up, and you have already collected 4 million XPs. That means you are only 1 million XP points short from advancing a level, right?

Suppose you have joined in a Void battle which resulted with 1.5 million XPs. In a normal situation, because the XP you get is more than what is required to level up, you would advance one level and remaining 500k XP should be reflected to your profile. However, it's NOT the case!
If you participate in a Void battle, and if the battle XP is more than what is required for you to level up, then that XP is not added to your profile. You can get Void crystals, but no XP!

I believe this bug is there because of the conflict between two splash screens that are required to be displayed at the same time. These two splash screens are "You have found Void crystals!" and "Level XXX reached!". In the case I explained here, game should show these two splash screens since you got enough XP points to get Void crystals and to level up. However, probably because this bug prevents "Level XXX reached!" splash screen to be displayed concurrently with the other, XP points are not being reflected to your profile points.

I am unsure if anyone else have ever noticed this problem before, but this bug steals our invaluable XP points. I have been experiencing this issue almost since the introduction of Voids, and have lost countless XP points.

FishLab, please fix this issue. Thank you.

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yes, i have the same problem, since my begining. i wrote many tickets - no anwer ;(.

don't forget, if you have the xp doubler - battle xp are not doubled. but description says all xp get doubled.

missing xp and a buyed no working xp doubler and no support is a big problem. thats the fact, i don't spend more money - cann't trust you fl. ;(

a answer from fl to this known bug is the minimum.