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Unread post Soundtrack suggestion by Jaykob Walson » 7. November 2017 03:47
I NEED there to actually be the soundtrack for this game!! I have some ideas!! I want ALL to post here to give me ideas of the Songs. Here are mine:

The Manticore-Hangar theme
Sounds of Neox Space-Peaceful theme
The Pirates Arrive-Freelance battle theme 1
Pumping Bullets-Freelance battle theme 2
Advanced Enemies-Freelance battle theme 3
A Criminal Wanted-Gr'Gath helper boss fight theme
Tough Thugs-Gr'Gath underboss fight theme
Get Ready-Sh'Gaal boss fight theme (Normal)
My Anger is For You-Sh'Gaal boss fight theme (When she has less than 50% health)
Space Trap-Grey Shadow helper boss fight theme
Techno-Crazy-Grey Shadow underboss fight theme
The Mad Scientist-Khador boss fight theme