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Unread post Serious bug issue. by laskr1999 » 9. July 2017 04:41

I started playing GOF 3 but found a bug. After I start play a mission(tutorial or after that the first mission) the game makes my phone drop sim card like that i removed then inserted it. Same on wifi and mobile data. Other games don't do this like Modern Combat 5 and more multiplayer game.

My device: Oneplus 3T European version A3003
OS: Oxygen os 4.1.6 Android 7.1.1 no root and other modify.
Game version: latest from Google play 1.6.1

I hope can you help.
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Community Manager
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Unread post Re: Serious bug issue. by Ruediger » 10. July 2017 08:30
Thanks for reporting htis issue, we'll look into it.