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Unread post Galaxy on Fire 2 on PC. by Kuronaya » 7. July 2017 15:59
I'm a huge fan of Galaxy on Fire 2. I have it both on my phone and on PC. While it's fun to play wherever I am, I admit that I can't play it all that well on my phone. I found it much easier to play on the PC...

... However, the PC version lacks the expansions/DLCs. I believe that way more people would be able to enjoy the game properly on PC with the expansions being available on Steam (hopefully for free, for those users like me who bought it before, or even for everyone). I don't believe it's all that hard to add the content of the expansions to the PC version, and it'd make things much more enjoyable, in my opinion.

Just a little suggestion. Galaxy on Fire 2 is such a great game, and I hate seeing its potential being wasted on the incomplete PC version.