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Unread post Idea and problems by flywill » 14. June 2017 18:05
I'm new in this forum. GOF3 is a great game. Thx for fishlab. I bought new phone just to play this game.
Ok. My device is zuk z2 4gb ram global rom.
Game stats now lvl 13 with 3rd ship 4/5 upgrade gun full.

App problem.
1. Sometimes, after success mission, its just blank. Or exit app.
2. Waiting server to respon although my net is in good connection.

Game problems.
1. Pls cut the "return to mission area" thing.
I fought rkkt bkkt for 10 mnts and die just because that return thing. AI takes away ship's control, and when i regain, enemy on my back shooting with no mercy. Who want to run away? Where are the boundries anyway. The enemy playing nearby boundries which player dont know where.
2. Wingsmen? GOF 2 has better ai. They're not helping a lot except for the life support and missile restock. Die easly when fighting bosses. And the most annoying is their fire hit player ship.
3. I won't comment about free roam thoug i really really missed keith t maxwell.
4. About upgrades, could you design alternatives plot such trading, mining, scavenging or anything that players could freely choose what they looking for? It's like playing missions over and over and over again just to gain something random? And might be not needed? Such i dont want this weapon or tools, why would i must collect the parts?
5. Control. Sometimes i need to stop like in gof2 to see around. But i can't, only slow down.
Also the zoom thing when slow down is annoying.
6. Starting lvl 10, its very difficult to complete missions with dot 3 and 4 (veteran). Enemy movement are to agile to follow or to strong. My ship destroyed head to head just with drone even when power rating 100+ than required?

I like gof2 soooo much, even pay for dlc (i never pay for gmes before). I hope a lot in gof 3.
Honestly, after 5 days playing gof3, i'm getting bored for repetitive missions.
It's great game though, but stressing for a long term game unless ofcourse pay more for ships and guns which not going to last long before useless.