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Galaxy j5 2016 Android 6.0.1
Unread post GOF 2 HD closes when screen turn off by c6doki » 9. June 2017 12:39
Hi! I searched this but not find anything I hope somebody can help me. I love this games since I had a Nokia s60 phone back than...
I have a Galaxy j5 2016 with Android 6.0.1 Light Stock Rom and my problem is that the game close itself when my phone screen is go off. I played about 4hrs in a raw yesterday and did not notice that till today, I mean I dont turn off or lock screen... When I turned off or lock my screen and when turned back on the game was exited already. In last apps/task I see the picture of the game where I left it but when click to it than it starts again from loadscreen not continues. I hope You understand what I mean, english is not my native! Can anybody help or suggest something?
Big thanks to anybody!!!!