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My english is not very good, I hop you can understand this content.

When i keeping it slow or boosting the ship with the right joystick ,i can't switch the fire state.

I can adjust the speed 0~100% and hold it at GOF2. or fire anytime。Because two functions with differnt area.

For example, I'm keep slowing and turning , i can lockdown the enemy. But I must release the joystick and repush it to start fire.
So, i'll miss the targert because my ship will getting faster.

I think we can keep the function in GOF2 (adjust speed and keep spped)
Or add a 3D touch option to start fire


方法二:在3D Touch 功能内加入 按下开火
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Community Manager
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You could either activate the auto fire to solve this, or fire the whole time while still maneuvering your ship. Second one might not be ideal but the way I play it for example.