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Unread post Can't Load a Saved Game by HalfDane » 13. May 2017 10:31
Hey im writing because, i have this problem. i updated the game, and when i try to load my save file (with over 20 hours of playtime). it says "an error has ocourred try again later"

Please write me a mail on (removed by admin) if you know what has happend or have anything that would help :smile:
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Unread post Re: Can't Load a Saved Game by Rebu » 15. May 2017 05:36

I assume that you are using an Android device and did change it before the error occurred.
Please check this thread and contact our support team: viewtopic.php?f=39&t=8438

btw: removed your email address from this thread, please don't post personal information in a public forum :)