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Unread post Re: Make us happy, please by bam bam » 23. April 2017 22:25
Interesting thread.

Started over two weeks ago. Almost Now just over 3 pages of concerned players posts. Not one reply from any official Fishlabs representative. Not even a "we're working on it", or a "have patience" post to at least acknowledge the questions in is thread have been received. Fishlabs, how do you keep finding ways to reinforce players resistance to spending any money with you?

B. B.

edit: # of pages described.

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Unread post Re: Make us happy, please by Rubenbarcode » 25. April 2017 13:53
So true B. B.

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Unread post Re: Make us happy, please by Nessus » 6. May 2017 07:21
The whole situation looks total absurd - I'm really wander what makes FL to ignore our questions?