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Unread post PLANETS YOU DON'T NEED by BPOTMHECAXAP » 4. April 2017 19:03
Hello the Nebula!
Not long ago some events happened that forced me to state my formal position.
Some time ago a player named apolo attacked my planets, the reason – blackmailing. The man started with the wish he wanted to get a considerable amount of troops and his argument was just a short «because i need».
As soon as he got my expected refuse apolo used the right that he issued to himself and started to take over my planets.
As these planets belong me for about 3 years, and after a little thought I declare the foloowing:
1. I can come and take back a planet that was taken from me at any moment
2. Any right of any owner isn’t valid
3. Any claim of a loss due to return of my planets will not be considered

Below you’ll find a list of planets that you don’t need to touch.


P.S. I offered a trophy for apolo's fleet; after a couple of weeks I was contacted by a player of lvl 500+ that requested the trophy and presented doubtful proofs. Once I studied them I asked to provide the video of the battles and got his refuse. The player said that he got his battle reports deleted because of lots of pirates mission reports.
I contacted Fishlabs to verify if the facts were real and the Fishlabs refused to provide this info to ME.
And after s few weeks we’ve seen new facts that proved my doubts in credibility of reports provided the player. So his statement wasn't true.

P.P.S. My post will be added with screenshots of correspondence and battle reports that are proving my ownership of the planets.