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iOs 10

I love Lost Horizon and have had a hard time putting down my iphone (6S) for most of this week and am sad to have fnished it.
I was stuck a few times and almost wanted to quit the game, because there were some "supposed glitches" (which were not). One in particular I researched for two days (evenings), so I thought I would share it: the pot in the mine (Ch. 5 Deep Behind Enemy Lines) is hard to interact with on the iphone. If you use the menu's magnifying lens (or Hotspot), it does show up as a magnifying lens icon, but if you click on that, you can't interact any further, such as look at it or pick it up. The issue is the menu's magnifying lens, which is in the way. In my case, Fenton couldn't stand near it or over it. He has to be moved further away to the other side of the wall, but so that you can still see the pot (and skeleton).
It's an easy solution but I didn't think of it at all - and neither did others who played it and encoutnered this, reporting it as a glitch. I hope it helps anyone who runs across this.