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Unread post Incompatible devices by Ghast1ygr1m » 6. January 2017 05:11
even though you made GOF3-manticore compatible with almost every device ipad mini 1 is still missing Image
If you could please do so to update so it would be compatible with ipad mini 1.
I really liked the gameplay on GOF2 and i dont care if people complain that GOF3 is a grinding game cause i really like to grind and cause i really want to play the gameplay on GOF3
So if you have the spare time to do so then please do it

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Unread post Re: Incompatible devices by electron64 » 28. March 2017 14:01
Yes, I agree. I have devices that aren't listed either. I wish my iPad 2nd gen and iPod 5th gen were compatible just like it is with gof and gof2.