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Unread post Can't earn Mhann-Tiq anymore by mangochutney » 23. February 2017 23:16
Is anyone else seeing this?

I can't earn Mhaan-Tiq anymore except on Mkkt Bkkt challenges and there only 10 units per mission.
DSfishlabs support hasn't gotten back to me on this particular issue, yet.

I was hoping that yesterday's game configuration update would fix this but no matter which mission I try to fly, I merely earn credits but no MT.

The thing that really irks me, is that this started happening about the time that the last special ship showed up for purchase (no gonna spoil it for those who haven't gotten there, so far).
This ship isn't becoming cheaper (just like the Bloodstar) and it's the strongest one in the game as far as I can tell. Without being able to earn MT during mission, the only way to get the ship is to buy MT with real money and purchase the ship.


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Unread post Re: Can't earn Mhann-Tiq anymore by awelux » 26. February 2017 13:27
I know that's not the answer but apparently there are 2 mkkt bkkt missions every 12 hours.
That's 40 credits a day or about 2 month to get a new ship.

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Unread post Re: Can't earn Mhann-Tiq anymore by mangochutney » 27. February 2017 09:27
Yup, that wasn't the answer I was looking for Image

That's the entire problem. Either play Mkkt Bkkt missions like a robot for two months or spend real money to get any sort of new ship.
The change in game dynamics that came with the last update also doesn't help: sure, upgrades are cheaper but buying parts or new items costs a lot more MT.

I happily spent ~ € 30 on the game already. It's not perfect, the story is a bit weak compared to GoF and GoF2, the storyline missions are a lot less varied than in GoF2 but it looks amazing, the voice overs are great, as usual, the UX is pretty great, too.

Still, the fact that there's no way to earn sensible amounts of MT at all, is starting to feel insulting, and I think I'll simply stop playing rather than waste time where I can't make any semblance of progress anyway.