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MacBook Air, macOS 10.12
Unread post GOF2 HD Valkyrie turret mission crash by piatigorsky » 24. February 2017 01:36
I'm replaying GOF2 from scratch after losing all my save states after I did a fresh install of macOS 10.12, and after killing all the pirates in the Valkyrie turret mission, I've never been able to jump back to Valkyrie and dock — the game always crashes after I've killed all the pirates at Scion, lock on to Valkyrie, and press F to travel there. I've tried this on all difficulty levels from Easy to Extreme, and I have the graphics set to the lowest setting possible, I've even gone so far as to play everything up to that point in one marathon session (i.e. not playing from a save state, which is quite tiring even on Easy if you didn't buy Kaamo and had to fight and save up for it), but it still crashes. I don't know if this might be a macOS 10.12 issue, because I did sometimes experience crashes on the last Valkyrie mission (the one where Alice tries to destroy Kothar) on OS 10.10 and 10.11, but never on the turret mission.