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Unread post New Update Difficulty by Deadpanlives » 22. February 2017 17:51
Hi guys, I've just been playing the new update and had a quick question. Have you made the enemy AI stronger or their weapons more powerful? I'm getting crushed playing missions I could complete relatively easily before the update. I'm rank 15 playing veteran difficulty, flying a Groza equipped with an XCY M-Driver MR, a Rhoda Auto-L SR and Ketar I-Jet 9T missiles. All my weapons and my ship are fully upgraded and my current target in the main story is RKKT BKKT.

I'll move down to Rookie or Ace if I need to but I was wondering what you had changed to increase the difficulty so much?

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Unread post Re: New Update Difficulty by mangochutney » 23. February 2017 23:06
I'm having a similar experience.
It's also curious that my weapons seem to have lower firepower values after the latest game configuration update.
The weapons are much closer together in terms of firepower.