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Unread post Localization should be optional by jmmelko » 9. February 2017 18:11
Hi there,

I think that localization of menu items should be reversible to english.

Indeed, to start with spoken dialogs are in english and they sometime interfer with written text.
Second, a few translations are confusing. For instance in French the word "plan" is added after the name of weapons for which blueprints are still missing. It took me weeks to realize that "plan" was not a characteristic of the weapon... In true french we would say "plan de..." put before or "(plan)" put after.
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Community Manager
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Unread post Re: Localization should be optional by Ruediger » 10. February 2017 13:23
I doubt that we will be able to add an option to switch to English. However, if you come across any translation errors, please report them to our support by using the support link in the game.