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Unread post Endgame Ship Development by Vulpinand » 1. February 2017 16:31
I'm level 14 and a few small bosses into part II. For those who have finished the game, I'm wondering what ships and weapons I should invest in that could take me through to the end? I've unlocked the K'ssshar ka and it seems to be scaling nicely, but is there more?

Also, weapons. The kat beam weapon and loma dismantler are working as a long/short range group for me. Should I keep powering them up?

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Unread post Re: Endgame Ship Development by Babak » 3. February 2017 18:49
You will get the ship "STYX" which will be great for the rest of the game. You will also get the "NESTAAR" which I recommend you do not spend money and resources on because it does not give you any big advantage.

As for the weapons, the 2 you have are very sufficient to kill all the enemy ships.