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I've reached Level 16 and have finished Act II. In my experience, Scout-class ships are the way to go, and Gunships need a serious rework.

Looking over the ships, it seems like the ship classes are differentiated based on their statistics. Scout-class ships have high Energy but low Hull, while Gunship-class ships are the opposite; Fighter-class ships are a bit more balanced. Scout-class ships give up one accessory slot, but that's their only penalty; both Gunship- and Fighter-class ships have two accessory slots. All three allow for two primary weapons and one missile selection.

Near the start of the game it seems as if this just makes a difference in terms of speed, or how lazy you can be about charging into a new swarm of enemies. Midway into the game, it seemed like I was having a really hard time progressing with my scout (a fully maxed Moornta), and I switched over to a Gunship-class ship, the Atlas. That worked well for a little while, but then I started having the same problems... until I switched to another Scout-class ship, and changed my fighting style a bit. Basically, dodge a lot more often and run away when the shields get low. I went through the rest of what's currently available to play that way and didn't have any issues.

The trouble is that gunships seem to be at a huge disadvantage. It's not just that they're slow; they can't run to replenish their shields, and later in the game when the enemies hit much harder the added hull health just means you get an extra second or two before you die (or are reliant on your wingmen having the health ability, and constantly healing your damage). And what is their advantage? In theory they should have a damage bonus to the weapons being fired, they should be able to fire both primary weapons at the same time, or the fire rate should be higher... something that allows them to hit harder than a scout or fighter, that allows them to clear enemies faster and thus not just be a sitting target. That they can take a bit more damage is meaningless if they don't have some way to deal with the threat effectively; at least the scouts can dash away, recharge their shields, and then come back. If the gunship can't run or more effectively destroy the threat, the end result is just a prolonged death.

I like the idea of multiple ship classes, but gunships seem more like a handicap than a different playing style. Since all ships are hitting equally, there's no reason to take a gunship over a fighter... and since those accessory devices are so hard to get and only become accessible to you late-game (unless you spend to acquire the parts), the penalty of only having one accessory slot for the scout isn't much of a deterrent and thus it's even hard to make the case that a fighter has much to offer over a scout.

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Despite everyone else's criticism's I've been enjoying the game...EXCEPT for these points you have articulated so well. There's such little customization differentiation between ships compared to GOF2 that it seems almost pointless.

Thank you for bringing this up. I'd love to see a response.