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Samsung SM-T280 Android 5.1.1
Unread post Again multiple bugs by Wyverex » 27. November 2016 17:31
Bug 1: On more than one occasion I was not able to get the dispel scroll to work during gameplay. Like clicking it over 20 times...

Bug 2: Already blitzed levels can't be blitzed eventhough they have enough plays left and are already 3 star.
Go to Skills, go to Spirits, open any menu there. Choose your favourite spirit. It should display how many of that spirit you have and which levels to get them. When I select that level from there it will not show the 3 stars of that already blitzed level AND not let me blitz it. Eventhough I have enough plays left and enough credits left.

Minor bug: When winning Saesslor it says "playes" instead of "players"

Reproducable bug 2: Game freezing on 100% hourglass thingie.
Open game, go straight to Treasures, open any treasure (when you are not already getting the "no video available *sigh*"), go back to game. The 100% circular hourglass keeps spinning on 100% but nothing happens...

Bug 3: sometimes when selling stuff from Inventory the game hangs in between 2 screens.