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Samsung GT-S5611 / Java Phone
Unread post Problem with java games by DrMrkev » 19. September 2016 18:29
Hello everyone. I tried Gladiator, Galaxy On Fire 1, Galaxy On Fire 2, or my favorite DEEP: Submarine Odyssey and many, many others. All java games from Fishlabs are stuck on the first loading. Previously, many years ago I played on the Nokia C1-01 and ran fine. I recently bought a Samsung GT-S5611 and all these jewels of my childhood, do not run. Could you tell me why this does not run and how to get it run (if it's even possible).
Note 1: I know these are old games but like Metroid : Fusion, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, Pokemon Red, Doom 1 or DukeNukem 1/2 /3D, even at his age deserves some attention.
Note 2: I DONT WANT hear answers like :
  1. "It's awfully old"
  2. "You're a veteran?"
  3. "Buy a phone with Android."
It's probably old as the world. yes I am a veteran. Android phone I have and I do not like it, I prefer phones with Java (which is pretty funny because I'm a C # - Unity3D developer)
okay, I hope someone can help me, because actually it's my biggest problem .... I also hope that I put this at the right place and if not, please do not delete it, just move it to the right place (I'm Czech, you have no idea how it is difficult to make a correct translation of the problem .... anyway, I think I made a mistake somewhere)