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Hi Rudiger,

Sent you a message via Line but I know you don't use it very often. I would be interested in helping as a GM, but I won't be posting my Skype name etc in a public forum.

I have been playing since 2013, mostly on S2, and use multiple accounts. My main publicly known account is IMadeThis.

Name: Daniel
Age: 37
Country of residence: Australia
Native language: English
Skype: yes, but not posting it here
Server: mostly S2
Username: IMadeThis (plus other evel 600+ accounts)
Account level: 690 last time I looked
Year: started around 2013 I believe
Why interested: to support the GOFA community and share improvement suggestions with FL (as several of us have done with you directly via Line)
How much time: about the same amount of time I spend playing GOFA and talking on Line, as I think they work in parallel
Why a GM: well known in the S2 community, experienced in the game, understand customer support and technical resolution.....


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Unread post Re: Game Masters – We Are Recruiting! by Adonai » 25. March 2016 05:36
How do you send a PM

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Unread post Re: Game Masters – We Are Recruiting! by Akx75 » 26. March 2016 02:45
It's been a while since we saw a Game Master on S2

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Do you still search for a game master?

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don't send a pm because they don't answer them
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It's always best to contact us via support. You can also send a Game Master application to support, we don't necessarily need new Game Masters right now but we will sooner or later recruit new ones and we will come back to you then.
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You are always welcome to send a Games Master a PM.