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Unread post Ships besides dark Angel by jray27222 » 5. December 2015 18:27

I am searching for the Dark Angel, but I cannot find it. I have the Veteran, and I have purchased all add ons. I am also searching for what ship fit I would like. I kind of like the Veteran, but I would like the Dark Angel.

It can have everything, but it needs to have cargo space, and it also needs to have a turret.

Do you think there are any good ships that would be good for me? Thanks!

I'm currently looking at most wanted criminal ships/Kaamo club ships and i have seen a few I want that I can get credits for by completing missions. Is there a better ship besides Dark Angel?
Ships I currently Have:

Dark Angel

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Unread post Re: Ships besides dark Angel by Snuffleupagus » 28. December 2015 19:48
Bloodstar (Most Wanted Mission)