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Unread post Will there be MFI Controller Support? by Riddip » 7. November 2015 14:03
if no, i will try to get my money back, the remote controls are awful.

i really like the game overall, but cant get used to the controls. It is very hard to aim roperly before the enemy ships fly past your ship and you have to try and turn around Image

So planned controller support, yes or no?

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Unread post Re: Will there be MFI Controller Support? by Menel » 9. November 2015 15:32
Agreed. Definitely needed. Siri remote is impossible. I applied for a refund today.

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iPhone 6, Mac
Having played Galaxy on Fire, Galaxy on Fire 2, Galaxy on Fire 2 HD, and the two versions of Galaxy on Fire 2 on Android, plus Mac OS X, the Apple TV version needs a lot of work, and there should be compatible controller support. The Mac OS X version was hardly playable until I could use an xBox controller.

The remote makes it possible to play, but the bugs make it too difficult to be enjoyable. For example, the ship will loop almost endlessly, which had also happened in Galaxy on Fire 2.
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Unread post Re: Will there be MFI Controller Support? by Ruediger » 13. November 2015 09:36
Thanks for your feedback.

We are working on controller support for Galaxy on Fire Manticore Rising. We can't tell you when it will be available yet but it will come.

Of course you will still be able to experience the unique game experience of the Siri Remote.