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Unread post Veteran GOF player joining the forums! by Chromework » 14. September 2015 06:21
Hi! After a while of becoming familar with all of the current GOF games, I decided to join the forums while waiting for GOF 3 to come out. I started 3 or 4 years ago with GOF 2, then tried GOFA and the original Galaxy on Fire in 2014, and am still hyped for GOF 3. I mainly play on GOFA and GOF 2, where I have completed the story 3 times on easy mode and once on extreme mode, and am still progressing through GOF 1 and GOFA. I have even signed up for Manticore closed beta, even though my odds of getting accepted are very low. From the time I saw the Manticore ad pop up, i suddenly become interesting again in the GOF series. i have been trying to first complete GOF2 on extreme mode entirely, including getting every achievement and unlocking every blueprint and system, as well as trying to keep advancing myself through GOF 1 and GOFA.
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Unread post Re: Veteran GOF player joining the forums! by Ruediger » 14. September 2015 08:32
Welcome to the forum! Great to hear that you like the Galaxy on fire games and look forward to the next one.

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