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Unread post Code of Conduct by Ruediger » 16. June 2015 13:02
Since we regularly receive complaints about the behavior of players - mainly in the chat - we have written a Code of Conduct. Please note that everyone playing Galaxy on Fire - Alliances has to follow this Code of Conduct and violations may lead to a ban from the game, the chat or other punishments. Please read the code of conduct:

Galaxy on Fire – Alliances Code of Conduct

In order to maintain a friendly atmosphere and to make sure that everyone can enjoy the game it is important to make sure that you follow a set of rules, the code of conduct. This code of conduct applies to all parts, features and facets of Galaxy on Fire – Alliances, including the chat, private messages, player names, alliance names and descriptions as well as the the forums.
Everyone knows that discussions can become quite heated in an online game, but you should still make sure you don’t get carried away by the heat of the discussion. Before you send a message, please wait a moment and think if the content and wording is appropriate. At the same time we advise not to be too harsh about the statements of others.

  • The following is not allowed in GOFA under any circumstances:
  • Insults and offensive language
  • Discriminating terms
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Threats that are not connected to the game but to real life
  • Attempts to scam other players
  • Trying to make other players abuse glitches or bugs in the game
  • Extreme spam
  • Any sort of statement that is against the law
  • Impersonating Deep Silver FISHLABS staff
What if you see a player violating the code of conduct?
  • If the offense takes place in the chat, the quickest and easiest solution is to block the player so that you don’t have to see their future posts. You can do so by tapping "Block in Chat" on the bottom of their player profile. In most cases this should be sufficient.
  • Don’t break the code of conduct just because others do so. If someone has offended you, you should mute them in chat but not offend them back. It doesn’t matter who started breaking the rules.
  • In severe cases, if you believe the behavior of a player to pose a danger to other players or to the game or to yourself, make a screenshot to document the offense and report the player. You can do so by tapping “Report” on the bottom left the player’s profile or by contacting us via email at support@dsfishlabs.com.
Please note that threats connected to the game or attacks on your planets (even if uncalled-for) do not constitute a violation of the Code of Conduct. This is a war game after all. If somebody attacks you, the best answer is joining a strong alliance and either seeking shelter among their rows or planning a counter-attack.

As active players, it is up to you to make sure that the game is fun for everyone involved. Make it happen!

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Unread post Re: Code of Conduct by DREADWING » 8. November 2015 02:21
I think these rules are excellent, and will foster an atmosphere of civility among
the players. I am looking forward to healthy competition without all the nastiness that some times occurs in gaming. Good Job!


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Unread post Re: Code of Conduct by Ghost_Rider » 18. December 2015 19:53
I think Global Chat needs to be regulated. It tends to get out of hand often.

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Unread post Re: Code of Conduct by Oazzy » 8. January 2016 21:06
I think this rules are good. But... this will make so everyone will be peaceful with each other eawen more than at the moment. You can't start a war without a reason and a reason just comes with trash talking. I agree that some players can step over the line but they need to be allowed to talk a little bit trash to each other so theu can make wars.

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Unread post Re: Code of Conduct by Kobra » 9. January 2016 10:56
I dont know many wars (or not important ones) which started in the GC. Most wars are starting, because someone took a planet of someone else, so dont worry about less wars

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Unread post Re: Code of Conduct by GAMEHUNTER » 9. January 2016 17:11
no problem dude ,if u want to attack someone ,there are so many excuses lol

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Unread post Re: Code of Conduct by Oazzy » 9. January 2016 21:03
Kobra wrote:I dont know many wars (or not important ones) which started in the GC. Most wars are starting, because someone took a planet of someone else, so dont worry about less wars

Yes I know that but it would be fun if you was allowed to start some in gc too? or am I wrong? :D

Take care Kobra :D

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Unread post Re: Code of Conduct by Quantumizr » 24. March 2016 22:11
I notice "bullying players" around till they leave the game is not amongst the list of set rules, however (between 2 players)...if 1 player posts his home address inviting the other to go around and do a home invasion at his location, would that relate to the 5th rule?

Experienced (High llvl player against low llvl player) knows that the alliance he is attacking is a "farming community" (Which have the opportunity to join the greater "brother hood" or "sister alliance" in becoming "traders" Or "battle commanders")

The outlook of the commander in question, seemed intelligent enough or have an outward nature of being a nice person, which I now know was nothing but an "illusion"....as the low llvl player posted a conversation amongst the two....a conversation that took me by surprise, revealing the truth of how an "idiot" could be allowed to act in such a manner, after all this is only a game. Ps an awesome game may I add:)

Now that most of the alliance has become inactive and is down to 3 dedicated players, who understand the truth of this player have decided to stay and fight against bullying.

All alliances involved tried to resolve the players issue, but only fell on deaf ears. He just drew up his own laws and rules then attacked. The boardroom set-up for mediators was ignored to resolve his issue or draw up plans of ingagement. Aaqqqqqqq

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Unread post Re: Code of Conduct by Adonai » 25. March 2016 05:38
These are good rules