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Unread post Ad pop no longer relevant by jafo » 14. May 2015 20:05
I'm not a fan of the invective I'm seeing here but I'm glad for the board operators having the thick skin and the candor to handle this community.

That said, I'd like to request some type of alternative handling of the pop-up ads as well.

I'm in the paid-for-all-things-FishLabs camp. I'm a huge fan of both GoF and GoF2. Paid for the games, bought the add-ons. I've even tried (though I've failed miserably) to get into Alliances.

I clicked the ad, I loaded the game, I played the tutorial missions. I go back to GoF2 on my way to Kaamo and I'm still being asked to buy add-ons I already have or to go try Alliances, which I've already done as well. I'd even consider leaving it on my device if it meant blocking the ad, but the constant nag really does seem like it's approaching BUG level of nuisance.

Is there an option someplace I'm overlooking? Seeing as I tried Alliance, do I still need to keep trying it? Seeing as I bought Valkyrie, do I really need to be offered it again?

Again, I love you guys, I really do. I'm happy to follow up on whatever endeavors you have going forward, but I need a way out of the ambush pop-ups too.