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Unread post Enhanced Returns Defense Suggestion by Groltesh » 21. March 2015 17:54
Now I'm fairly new to the game, so if this idea doesn't bode well with the scheme of warfare- my bad.

A tab on the planetary defense module called "Grid" that allows other planets within a system (either same alliance or same player) , which also have planetary defense systems to boost the effects of artifact-infused ships bonuses for ships stationed on those planets for a short time, or "within the grid". Grids could only exist between planets within systems, and activating the grid has drawbacks. Such as, friendly carriers can not land (only garrison) on those gridded planets for the duration, recharge time varies based on the #of defense systems in the grid/system and the cumulative level(s). As to prevent a total abuse of this idea, the returns boost from multiple grids lowers the more often it's used, over a set period of time.

The other dynamic is that you can link different grids. So lets say you have a 6 planet system and owned it entirely. 4 or those planets have planetary defense systems. You can choose to link all to one central unit, or have 2 distint grids. This allows the user to decide a balance between effect of boost bonus vs. time of recharge. So if you think one giant wave is coming you might link them all up for a large effect, but if you think more smaller waves are coming and particularly on many planets, the usage of individual grids becomes a dynamic defense tactic.