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I suggest you add some functionality of repeated cargo shifting.
Here some ideas of implementation to show exactly what I mean:

For each planet X you should be able to make task-objects with planet targets P1, P2 ... Pn. (*)
A cargo shifting task-object has at least:
  • A delay T : format dd::hh:mm -> the delay to wait: after one try to complete the task OR the task has been completed in the last try.
  • Type of resources (metal, gas, crystals or troops) R : format M:G:C:T -> 0101 for example for gas and troops.
  • Resource amount S : format kkkk:kkkk for example 500:10 for 500'000 gas and 10'000 troops.
  • List of the target planets L : format P1, P2, ..., Pn.
For each task on planet X, the deployed carriers that are flagged explicitly as "on duty" on planet X try to complete the task .

Now some tricky side-effect idea: A carrier that was actually on duty for a planet X and discharged cargo on the planet B, can -
IF his discharge did complete his duty for planet X - work temporarily the tasks of that planet B. So this carrier would be not only as
as one of several carriers "flagged" as "worker-carriers" like you can flag them already as "escaping ships".
So there would be 3 flags: "escaping" (already implemented in the game), "on duty" (tries to complete the tasks on his planet)
and "worker" (greedily try to complete tasks like I explained).

The "Why": When you have less than 10 Planets there is no need for this, but if you hit 20+ planets you are constantly shifting resources from one planet to the other and that takes over 75% of my play time, when not even more. I already use "storage-planets" and that actually cuts of a good part of the work, but the boundlessness of the amount of that work makes their use a drop in the bucket. (Its actually not scalable)

The "Money": Now why would you implement this, when this leads to shorter playtime while playtime means hard-cash? That is a good question and I kept thinking about this. You can use the Credits system and for example shorten the "list of target planets of a task (*)" and shorten the list of "worker-carriers" and then sell items like "additional task for each planet" "additional worker carrier" etc. You can actually invent new carrier-types that are limited and sell increments of these. This game would stand apart from all the other browser games, because a big amount of repetitive interactions would be taken out.In my opinion, the amount of repetitive operations of players on a platform and the "disrespect" towards the players, is actually a linear relationship.

I hope you did understand these ideas/feedback and please excuse the low quality of my English, I try my best.

With best greetings from Germany,