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Unread post Introduction by Phaserlight » 26. January 2014 18:27
Hi there,

I go by Phaserlight, and I have a strong interest in multiplayer space games, procedural gaming, and space games in general. I first heard about Galaxy on Fire on the Vendetta message boards, not long after Vendetta was ported to mobile.

I got started gaming in 1984 on my Dad's macintosh computer, playing titles like Broderbund's "The Ancient Art of War" and later, "Crystal Quest". I also really enjoyed space games such as LucasArts' "X-Wing", Bungie's space-themed FPS "Marathon", 4X games such as "Master of Orion 2" and "Civilization", and space trading games like "Escape Velocity".

I discovered Vendetta Online after my Junior year in college at the University of Chicago summer of 2003, and have been a player ever since. Vendetta combines many of the elements of previous games I had enjoyed in a manner that creates a highly memorable experience in a persistent multiplayer galaxy. Today, I enjoy playing Vendetta online across multiple platforms such as my Samsung Galaxy S3, laptop, and Ouya.

I will be sure to check out Galaxy on Fire soon, and look forward to meeting others who have a passion for space games, game design, and sharing ideas.