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Senior Community Manager
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Unread post The Mentor System by The Admiral » 17. September 2013 14:19
Salutations, fellow pilots, commanders, privateers!

What is a Mentor? Why are they shown in green? And what about the hierarchy within the Community Management?

The following lines should help you getting an understanding as to how our new positions, ranks & responsibilities work. Do not worry, this is going to be fairly easy. We'll keep it very transparent and open minded, of course.

Should you have questions later on, please do not hesitate to ask.

~Admiral Mike


Mentors are highly valuable "Community Management" team members recruited from the best of the best of our community. Do never underestimate the power and knowledge of a fully fledged player - such as yourself? - eager to assist his favorite game in any possible way while maintaining a top-notch quality and professional behavior.

Often it’s the first step of such a person to get into the gaming industry, opening a path to QA, CC, CM or even PR or other possibilities. And if not it’s at least a great hobby! Who wouldn't want to work that close to their favorite game developers after all?

The Mentor system is meant to take pressure from the CMs shoulders by offering help to the forum community and their daily demands. This allows the CM to deal with more pressing issues (often within the company) and plans to keep the ball rolling while still being in direct contact with his or her community.

Main Tasks: information, feedback and help towards other players. This includes the appliance of forum rules, giving warnings if needed as well as edit, move and/or close threads.


  • Senior Community Manager (Fishlabs employee)
    The Kraken! Procedures, development, training, info sharer, decider, the brain (and never afraid to help on forums or ticket queues, either)

  • Community Manager (Fishlabs employee)
    The left hand! Forum guru, event planner, ticket blaster, recruiter and more.

  • Game Master (Fishlabs employee) -> work in progress
    Ticket blaster supreme, forum assistant

  • Mentor (volunteer player)
    Long term player who has proven him/herself, forum evangelist

I hope this little peek behind the curtain helps. Of course everything in this world is subject to change a.k.a evolution. We'll fine tune and adjust wherever or whenever it's necessary.

Until then,

Your Admiral Mike & his Crew