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Unread post Something different by Ninja » 6. March 2013 18:48
Ive started writing a mini-novel of sorts based on GoF2 which is basically a literary retelling of the story(don't worry, it's not leaving my grasp except for this forum) and I'm posting it here for lack of a more suitable category. I've just started, so let me know what you think, and whether or not I should continue(this was an impulse project). Thanks.

Chapter One: The Asteroid Belt 
     "An asteroid belt. Perfect hiding place for pirates. Now where are those pirates...?" The small red-trimmed fighter slowed as it entered the field. At the controls was Keith T. Maxwell- a mercenary pilot. He tensed slightly as his fighter continued forward, dwarfed by the massive hunks of rock. He had to be careful- even if the pirates refused to come out and fight, he still stood a chance of being utterly wiped out by a million-ton asteroid. He shuddered slightly and pushed the thought out of his mind. Ideas like that could wait for contemplation alongside a good stiff drink in a space lounge sometime. There were pirates lurking about. 
     The pirates in question were in a very different mood. They had seen Keith coming and quickly darted behind a particularly large asteroid. The mercenary had quite a reputation in this corner of the galaxy, and the three pirates, all that remained of a group of a dozen or so, had already decided that the reputation was well deserved.  
     "Wot we gonna do, Boss? This guy'll be chasin' us forever!" 
     "That's Maxwell, stubborn as hell. He's after the bounty on our he-"
     "Quiet now!!" The boss growled. "Engines off, and wait for my order. We'll let him pass, and attack him from behind. " Anger at losing most of his crew was making him reckless. The pirate underlings obeyed nervously, fidgeting in their seats- Maxwell was not the only one with ship-crushing asteroids on his mind. 
     It was an interminable wait as their enemy's vessel cruised past slowly. An odd smell filled one of the cockpits. 
      "Let him get some distance..." said the boss. "Now!! Attack!"
     The engines of the pirate vessels roared to life and they darted out from their hiding place, opening fire on their opponent and filling the asteroid belt with bolts of laser fire. 
     "Ok, there they are", said Keith with the deliberate calmness of one who had been in much heavier combat before. His small fighter shuddered as the shields absorbed several direct hits. He rolled swiftly to the left and lit up the engine booster, passing an asteroid by a margin that was a bit close for comfort, and brought the nose around, searching for his attackers. There, he thought. The pirates had scattered after he'd disappeared from view, and one of them had flown around the side of his asteroid. He quickly brought his guns to bear, sending the enemy spinning out of control.  It's easy when the bear walks into your sights, Keith thought to himself with a smile. A sudden burst of laserfire striking the aft shields of his own ship yanked him back into reality. His shields were reaching a critical state as his old Naval Academy training kicked in. The mercenary threw his ship into a tight spin, bringing him face-to-face with the second pirate underling. A sharp jerk on the stick then sideslipped  the fighter to the side as he triggered off a pair of Onyx missiles at point-blank range. They barely had time to arm themselves before blowing the pirate ship in half. 
     "Two down, one to go", Keith said with a note of satisfaction. "But where is the one...?" The massive asteroids surrounding the ship were interfering with his scanner systems. 
     The pirate boss was now boiling mad. In the course of about four hours he had lost nine fighters and two transports, and he was intent on getting revenge. He again held the element of surprise, hiding behind an asteroid. This time he did not hesitate as Keith's ship flew by. He immediately shot out behind his opponent and poured fire into him. 
     "Damn! There he is", Keith swore, slashing power and sideslipping, forcing the pirate to overshoot him. Space lit up with laserfire one final time. When it darkened again, only the small gray fighter with the red trim remained.