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Unread post Suggestions and future road map by EA6LE » 8. July 2015 22:21
I think is time for FL to work with the players, 11th hour is coming quick.

The veterans of this game should post their suggestions in this forum and the developers should check them out to see what can be coded in the game. Once is determined by the developers that can be implemented then should be voted by players if we want it or not.

There should be a road map about the next updates for this game and the new voted features to be added as they chosen. Some may be easy to implement some may be hard and the developers should let us know what to expect.

Many of us invested a lot of money in this game (I might be the craziest than all, I hope I have some useless shares in FL for how much I spent) and is frustrating to see is as a waste.

That been said I have few suggestions for this game to make it better and stop old and new players from leaving.

Here are few suggestions( there are many that I have but these should help the most):

1 - the attack notification don't work that well so we should have a message board in the alliance for the attacks on the alliance owned planets, the message will posted with the planet owner and the link of the planet;

2 - a new tier of carriers mk4 or maybe grouping or merger: 2 carriers of the same type and level can be merged into single one (or can be grouped) that will take the double amount of slots. This will help players to load faster and be more effective. Also I think it will help with the battle calculations.

3 - this should be the no 1 suggestion: FIX THE DAMN BUGS!!!;

4 - artifacts should not all be lost when a carrier is destroyed: 40% should be awarded to the winners, 40% should return to the defeated and 20% can be lost to justify the need for citadels and missions. A new leaderboard category can be implemented: how many artifacts one alliance own;

5 - a temporary shield of maybe 60 min when a planet is lost: player's other planets are not attackable for that time, can be stackable if more planets are lost in the same time. This should work only if the player is offline, the moment he is online then the timer is reset. Also the timer should reflect the HQ level on the planet: LEVEL 1-10 no shield, lv11-15 30min, lv16-20 60min;

6 - bombers should be balanced and the cost of production and XP should be the one for interceptor and vice versa;

7 - more events, maybe goals that everybody can have a chance to do it and be rewarded;

8 - happy hour might be eliminated and be random for each player based on time spent in game, or be named something else and have it for 24 hours;

9 - alliance systems cluster bonuses, fleet travel time no defence modifiers;

10 - veteran players bonuses, like when they reach a certain level to have a system named at their choice. Other rewards to motivate people to play and pay for credits and reach a goal and be rewarded with something useless but unique or rare ;

11 - no more type of ships, just maybe the allowance of ships should be balanced with allowance of carriers: example for 46 carriers natural limit should be 11500 (lv20 mk3 carrier 250x46) ships allowed and not 9250 like is now;

12 - jump gate moving: you can move it between 2 planets with HQ lv20 in a week as long you hold them. You lose any of the planet while moving then should jump randomly.

And so many other ideas, please also come with your suggestions. Not in this post, just another post in the same forum category. Will post more ideas as they pop into my head.

FL please listen to your players.


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my suggestion Image :

1. i think Gofa is more than a war-game. Now what makes Gofa originally so successful is its establishment of a biosphere where players have access to different kinds of gaming components for them to build up their strength, and allow players to interact strategically. In other words, I think FL should focus on adding more strategic, farming elements to the game.

2. FL should focus on balancing the number of new and old players. As most old players have been playing Gofa for 2 years ever since its creation, those players simply don't want to invest more times in this game anymore - it is their lifespan of playing a game. You wouldn't be expecting someone to play a game for 10 years?

3. So what should the developer and us do together:
a)Gofa should not be a hard-core and time-consuming game but don't bore us to death.
b)stop the clockwork nagging - especially bam bam. Image
c)be more creative and innovative:
i)new campaign mission against boss and creative storyline.
ii)NPC attack from rebellion - we don't like fighting each other.
iii)scavenge hunt for special collection on random planets.
iv)add in special rewards or tools like Xp booster for certain period of time, skill-point bonus etc.

4. create a trial warzone server to test out new elements and all players will be level 500 with unlimited credits.
this will definitely bring back old players.

you are welcome,


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Add an AI faction that will attack planets. This will give players a reason to defend their planets, a way to earn battle xp when they respond, and not simply leave everything undefended so that they can send huge fleets when attacking other players.

Also, fix the bugs.

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Unread post Re: Suggestions and future road map by EA6LE » 9. July 2015 19:43
If any AI that attacks your planets randomly is implemented, it will have to attack only when you are online. If not, with all the bugs in this game, we will all be gated when we sleep.

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there are tons of new planets u can come up with like supernova, red giant, whatever. the key is creating incentive for players to gain (not just citadels), and something to do when they are not at war. in term of NPC attack, you can have vossk, terran, nevelian outlaws spreading across the nebula for us to attack...there are so many things FL can add in.

do something before it is too late FL.