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Unread post [IDEA] Public Test Server by Gigiga » 16. May 2015 11:30
The Android players among us will probably have noticed that the last update that should have fixed bugs actually have even crept further errors.
To prevent such an accident in future updates, I suggest opening a public test server. This would be added either as a new server in the stable version, or it can be downloaded as a standalone client through the newly opened User Area.

Each player on the test server (from now on called PTS) would start with a fully-developed home system and a given amount of credits. With complete I mean shipyard, labs, barracks, extractors and blueprints available.

FISHLABS could use this server for testing new features and bug fixes under real conditions. When a new feature on the PTS has proven to be stable, it is added to the stable servers.

Of course, the PTS wouldn't be a server to spend much time on, since it certainly need to be reseted often.

Many popular online games use this type of public testing of the new features before they are added on the correct server.

What do you think about my idea. I would appreciate feedback.