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So far I am loving the game(level 97)! Great work, I never thought mobile games would be this in depth!

I have 2 suggestions that would make navigation of the menus a lot quicker and easier while also improving logistics.

1. Leave the bar of buttons at the top on ALL screens.

When you look at the Planet List or Manage Fleets screen, the bar of buttons at the top disappears. This is kind of annoying because when I look at the Planet List then I want to look at the Manage Fleets screen, I have to first click the X then click the Manage Fleets screen. It would flow much better to switch between the Planet List and Manage Fleets screens in one click rather than two. If you don't want the bar of buttons at the top because of screen size, at least put one shortcut button on each of these screens that lead to the other.

This might sound silly to some, but as someone that moves goods between my planets a TON I am constantly switching between these two screens, so it would be great to make this process easier and quicker.

2. Show resource totals on the Manage Fleets screen and on the Planet List screen show which carriers are stationed at each planet.

As I stated in suggestion one I move goods between planets a ton. It would be nice if the Manage Fleets screen showed how much of each resource are at the planet where each carrier is stationed. There is room for this! Just to the left of the button/picture of each World your carrier is stationed, you could list Metal/Gas/Crystal amounts with their symbols next to it.

Also on the Planet List screen it would be great for it to show which carrier is stationed at each planet. There is also room for this! Just to the right of the planet names it could show the carrier symbol/button. When you click the carrier button it could go to the screen where you load goods onto that carrier from that planet. It looks like there would be room for about 2 carrier symbols/buttons. If there are more then 2 carriers at that planet you could scroll through them while only showing 2 carrier buttons at once.

This would make logistics SO much easier. Right now managing logistics of shipping resources between planets is pretty time consuming, and I think the above suggestions would make this much more pleasurable.

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Does this make sense? (since no one replied :) )

Also I would like to add a 3rd suggestion.

3. Allow troops to be "locked" on your carrier so that they will not get off when you deliver goods to other planets.

I prefer to keep my troops in my carriers. This way if someone attacks me with 300k troops on my planet where I only have 20k troops, they are not wasted. If they stay in my carriers I can retaliate with enough troops.

So it would be nice to have the option to prevent troops from unloading when you are delivering resources to other planets.