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Unread post Attack (push) notification Bug (Server2) by Puddu » 13. October 2016 15:06
Omega Knights


My alliance and all other alliances on server2 do not get under attack notifications for some time now. (3-4 weeks minimum)
Because of this bug:
- several hundreds of millions of troops died
- hundreds of carriers where killed. including void cars
- hundreds of lvl20 planets burned.
In situations where we could have easily defended. If we were to have attack notifications

Several alliance members including me sent in tickets.
Unfortunatly we all got the following anwser:

[font=Geneva, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]- The player is playing on more than one device and the notifications were sent to the other device[/font]
[font=Geneva, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]- The service from Google/Apple which delivers the notification wasn't reachable[/font]
[font=Geneva, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]- Your device had no connection to the internet at the time the notification was sent[/font]
[font=Geneva, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]- The notifications were disabled[/font]
[font=Geneva, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif][/font]
I can tell you all 4 options are not the issue here.
The whole server has the same problem. And for google / apple to have the same issue at the same time is not believable

We need a bug fix now, and our losses due to the bug compensated.

Hope to hear from you soon
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Thanks for reporting. We are currently investigating why there are issues with attack notifications. We have to ask for a little more patience.

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And before i forget.

There is another related bug. that one is a minimum of 11 months old.

We can not see member planets under attack. Only if you view the planet and place a bookmark.
Without a bookmark there is no red triangle.

You only know if you select the planet and are able to scan incoming attacks

see attachements for screenshot proof

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Ruediger wrote:Thanks for reporting. We are currently investigating why there are issues with attack notifications. We have to ask for a little more patience.

12 days later and it's still not fixed and we don't get replies to our tickets, how much longer are we to be patient? Are you trying to kill the game once and for all?

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Lost another 15 million troops because of the notification glitch.
not counting all the LVL20 planets with several 100.000 troops on them.
And credits i need to lvl them again

We know the glitch is an issue with the game, it's proven.
You say Fishlabs is working on it. That's fine, please fix it asap. It has been there for several months.

BUT. I need my troops reimbursed now!
I want 100million troop i lost because of the glitch this week. Your support is not responding anymore.
So this is the only way I can make my voice heard.

This also applies on all my Alliance members.
To speed up the process I am willing to provide proof of losses of each and every Alliance Members.

Your comment please