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Why can`t I log in my account?   (Topic locked)

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Unread post Why can`t I log in my account? by SophiaWait » 9. May 2016 13:58
Hi Support Team.

Last weekend I created an alliance named "???" designedly, which is short for "???".
I think "???" gives mysterious feeling to my enemy, so I name my new alliance "???".

I am also an developer.I doubt whether the "???" lead to the problem.

Please help me solve the problem as soon as possible.

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Unread post Re: Why can`t I log in my account? by Rebu » 9. May 2016 14:38

please contact the support team vie email. This has nothing to-do with the name of the alliance.

I will close this thread, as we will not discuss this specific matter in our forum.