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The Voids - FAQ   (Topic locked)
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Unread post The Voids - FAQ by Rebu » 19. April 2016 15:47
What are the Voids?
The Voids are an extremely powerful race, much more powerful than Terrans, Nivelians or Vossk. Read more about the history and the power of the Voids here: http://blog.dsfishlabs.com/en/gofa-dissectingthevoids_2015-07-23

You cannot choose to play as a Void as they are AI controlled. They are strong enemy but it is worthwhile fighting them as they are the only source for the precious Void Crystals.

What are Void Crystals?
Void Crystals are a possible loot from battles against the Voids. These Crystals are needed to produce Void Carriers – the Void Carriers are the most powerful Carriers in the game. For one carrier you need 50 Void Crystals.

How many Void Crystals will I receive when I fight the Voids?
The total amount of Void Crystals handed out to all participating players after a battle against the Voids depends on the amount of Void ships destroyed in the battle. However there is no absolute number of Void ships that have to be destroyed to get one crystal but for a certain amount of destroyed ships there is a range of crystals you can get. The exact number of how many crystals you receive is random.

If several commanders participated in the battle the crystals will be distributed according to the amount of ships each player sent into the battle.

We wiped the Voids from a planet, why do they not start to produce new ships?

It is not enough to just wipe the Voids from a planet. You will also have to destroy the Wormhole. Only then, the Voids will start over again and produce new ships.

Do the Voids retaliate?

Yes, the Voids will attack you too once you attacked them. However, as long as you don’t attack them you are pretty safe from them.

How strong are the Voids?
A Void planet can contain up to 75,000 carrier – all at level 20. Therefore it is highly advisable to search for strong companions when attacking the Voids.