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Unread post Re: Future update suggestions? by leebo » 31. July 2015 20:16
Just a few hastily thought up ideas on how to correct Warzone battle issues on Android. Please pick apart and add. This is how improvements are made.

1. All shipyards are disabled only on planets under siege. The shipyard block goes into effect at the beginning of the second combat round giving players one chance to credit reinforce. This is a simple fix that will do away with hours of endless reinforcing. Players can still reinforce normally by bringing them in from other planets on carriers. This levels the playing field since prepared attackers can do this too. My feeling is that total available ships (not carriers) should increase dramatically also to provide a means of effective defense verses an endless supply of credit crunches.

2. New carrier type: "Jammer" Fleet capacity & speed of mk1 with the ability to disrupt automated systems on a planet including planet defense and ship production. Available at shipyard & Lab level of 15. Each jammer has a cumulative affect on systems based on carrier level. The effect is an increase in work (cost) to produce ships on the planet and a decrease in the effectiveness of PD. Leveled exactly like other carriers. This does two things. reduces the effectiveness of stronghold systems while reducing attacker fleet capacity. I might go with 2%/lvl on PD reduction and 5%/lvl on production costs. It would take 100 total levels of jammer to eliminate the effect of a maxed PD while increasing the production costs of ships x5!

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Unread post Re: Future update suggestions? by leebo » 3. August 2015 20:52
SintecNola wrote:I have a suggestion. Get rid of ongoing battles and bounces on warzone. No one like them. They make battles take hours and hours. And with the new voids I can't see anyone on warzone a being able to effecting take down a 350k void fleet PLEASE read FISHLABS

I posted some suggestions to correct round battles without eliminating them.

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Unread post Re: Future update suggestions? by ProRicochetXD » 4. August 2015 23:06
Here are some ideas
1- custome flags for alliances
2- usefull jump gates
3- possibly a bonus ship or something for gof2 with your alliance tag on it or something
4- player searching
5- agreed with everyone else SPACE STATIONS
6- some kind of cross over between gofa and gof2 where you can be in battles
7- space combat period

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Unread post Re: Future update suggestions? by cassidy » 8. December 2015 20:57
I have a few ideas Id like to share too, pls tell me what u think about it.
-void ships: i wouldnt do bombers, interceptirs and fighters, just one type of ship u dont need too many cristals for.
-void troops: these troops would be more powerfull than others, but you need one void crystal to build one. This would kinda take care of the problem of having to wait so long until u Finaly have enough crystals.
-void blueprint carrier: this special void ship can transport one blueprint at a time to other players.
-a void building that needs crystals to be built, but void stuff costs Less crystals here. That way we got one more building, And higher lvl players would mesure themselves by how high their void-building is.
-sell artifacts And blueprints for credits: this is (finaly) something for lower lvl players too, were u can sell Blueprints And artifacts for credits. A lot of people have tons of blueprints lying around, so you could finaly get Ride of them!

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Unread post Re: Future update suggestions? by GAMEHUNTER » 13. January 2016 18:03
void cant be change ,it will.affect the balance of the game....
and i like the flag ship idea
and my other opinion is missions....i recommend when u ordered a carrier to the mission ,that mission turn grey (words)so players wont send 2+ carriers to one non fighting mission

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Unread post Re: Future update suggestions? by Clee Torres » 26. January 2016 01:09
I have mentioned this idea to FishLabs and i am also posting this here to see what you all think and to build support if it's considered good.

- Ability to define a small description for a planet in a player's possession. (somewhat like in the picture)

We could plan and organize better if we had this info when accessing the list of planets.
I think it could be a helpful and practical feature for all players and really easy to implement.
The planet's description would be erased if the planet is lost.

What do you all think?

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Unread post Re: Future update suggestions? by Admiral Nagala » 26. January 2016 16:37
voids need to start attacking players, not just being crystal farms. Also, the game needs a vacation mode.

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Unread post Re: Future update suggestions? by SpartaPaezX » 30. January 2016 22:58
Fishlabs should get rid of every single player that hasn't played in over a year. Most of the systems are full of inactive players, and getting rid of players that haven't been playing for over a year will clear it all up. It will also be easier to find new names for players.

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Unread post Re: Future update suggestions? by The Shadow hunter » 12. February 2016 05:49
I would like to offer several suggestions to this post.

1) I agree with others, space stations you can both build and acquire like planets. these can be limited in ownership and need leveling up, but at least give us something else to fight for.

2) since you seem unwilling to lose the battle rounds and stupid mk1 fighters flashing to hold off massive attacks, lets shorten the time. lets go 10 min rounds. this now gives 6 an hour, unlike the 4, because few people can spend 10-12hrs in a fight. At least attackers can leave, but a defender literally has to give up when their real life comes calling.

3) after 1year inactivity, users are removed from server, planets freed up.

4) some kind of fleet upgrade. whether its upgrading the ships with weapons, carriers, or offering new gunships. A flagship that has added features, some kind of bonus, your pride of the fleet.

5) ability to engage an attacking fleet before it hits. I have a guy who launches drag attacks to annoy you. he launched it 3 weeks ago, I still have 68 days before this attack hits. 1 mk1 carrier. it has made me hate this game as I always have a push notification on my planet. I have lost other planets unaware I have a quicker attack hitting. I can't ignore it, can't attack it, I am stuck hating the game more and more.

6) black market bases. here you can buy or sell anything, trade items, between anyone. helps out low level players especially.

7) How about actually just doing giveaways. I don't mean sales and shipsmashes, but actual gifts to the people who play this game and fund you. How hard is it to every month give something away? just give people 10k coins, ship, carrier or planet slots. crystals are good as not everyone has a planet with them. Make us feel loved, show us that you appreciate our loyalty and you will likely keep it. I know many people went over to other games simply because they did this. the last true giveaway was red crystals for valentines day about 3 years ago.

8) another great comment, a vacation feature. freeze your missions, growth, fleet, everything for that time, but it protects your assets. max of say 30 days, then it goes inactive.

bottom line is this game has become routine. it has become monotonous. there is nothing new, just people attacking with bigger fleets. you need to add spice and sugar, not just finally give us voids on the war-servers who are useless.

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Unread post Re: Future update suggestions? by Veritus » 25. March 2016 01:58
Would be nice if troop and drone transfer also worked with alliance mates and not just yourself