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Unread post Inactive players by TimurPLIV » 18. June 2016 18:41
why so many inactive players? Make them something! Why not delete inactive alliances?
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Unread post Re: Inactive players by Ruediger » 21. June 2016 12:44
Many players stop playing for a while because they have other things to do and then come back. Therefore we don't delete inactive players.
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Unread post Re: Inactive players by G0rri1a » 23. June 2016 23:08
How about that level 24 that played his week long game 1 year ago? (And also made his own alliance, taking up a valuable alliance tag.) sometimes it is good to throw out the trash and make space for the new.

I understand players over a certain level may return, but I'd say if you are under level 50 and inactive for 6 months, you're not going to be surprised if the company deletes your profile. But, 100% agree that a level 300 player may come back after a year or so. (I know some who did.)