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Starfire Survey calls for their next recruitment drive:

It will begin on Thursday, September 29 at 12:00 server time and end on Sunday, October 2 at 12:00 server time. Try to kill as many ships with your alliance as possible

All members of the winning alliances will be rewarded! Here are the prizes you can receive:

• 10,000 credits for each member of the alliance that kills the largest amount of ships.
• 5,000 credits for each member of the alliance that kills the second largest amount of ships.
• 2,500 credits for each member of the alliance that kills the third largest amount of ships

Please note that credits will be handed out on Tuesday, October 4 due to a bank holiday in Germany.

The event runs on all servers independently, there will be three winning alliances on each server.

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where is score table and results? (w2a server)
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Community Manager
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Unfortunately there was an issue with the event table on server 2 Android, so it couldn't be shown correctly. However, we were able to get the correct results, so here are the winners of all servers. Congratulations! All credits have been handed out.

W1 – Fiat Lux
Praetorian Guard 424711
Red Dwarf 383484
Allianz Refugium 354331

W2 – Prima Luce
Omega Legion 2863620
KESTRELS 1318073
Galaxy Friends 1042679

W3 – Aurora
Faith War 488975
V-Day 467953
EnterpriseCC 367677

W4 – Meridies
Stars Alliance 853268
Maximus 825244
German Empire 662043

WZ1 – United Planets
NPC 269445
End of All 221425
United Planets 144291

WZ2 – Discordia
Black Star 87252
The Dark Realm 68959
The Darker Realm 32337

W1A – Neomenia
4PDA 1800216
Romulans 1443135
RUSAlliance 564699

W2A – Nova Crescendo
Void Slayers 636740
Erebus 354676

W3A – Crescent
Red Machine 1443982
League of Nation 290634
GHOSTS 209344

W4A – Plenilunium
ZORN 1339532
Death Bringers 1214488
RussianSoul 203,529

WZ1A – Bellum Stellarum
Deutsche Allianz 258151
POLSKA 207479
RussianSoul 100247