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Unread post [EVENT] Khador’s XP Accumulation by Ruediger » 22. June 2016 12:29

Earthlings and other beings, this is Khador speaking. And believe me, I would not waste my precious time talking to you if the message I had was not of great importance. According to my observations and calculations, the Shroud Nebula will not be able to withstand the Void Threat for much longer – at least in its current state. We need to develop the region significantly or else it will fall to the hands of those devious alien raiders quicker than we can say “orichalzine-pyresium-hybrid-sulphat”. Sure, I could just turn a blind eye to this unfortunate turn of events and hyperjump to a part of the galaxy that the Voids have not even discovered yet. But the truth is: I kind of have a weak spot for you people. So I was thinking, why not motivate you a little to turn the Shroud Nebula into a bastion even the Voids could not vanquish?

Beginning June 23, I will sponsor the development of the Shroud Nebula by bestowing generous rewards on those commanders, whose actions have the biggest impact on the advancement of the region. The measurement for this is, of course, the amount of XP gained. So from the aforementioned date onwards, I will run my XP Accumulation every four weeks, starting on Thursday and ending on Sunday. On each server, the three commanders, who managed to accumulate the biggest amount of XP within the given time frame, will receive the following rewards:

1st Place: 10,000 Credits
2nd Place: 5,000 Credits
3rd 2,500 Credits

The event will run from June 23, 12:00 server time until June 26, 12:00 server time.

Remember: Among others, you can gain XP by building and leveling up structures, researching technologies, constructing fleets and troops and… of course… wreaking a little havoc. After all, being battle-tested cannot hurt when it comes to the final clash with the Voids.

Stay tuned to this thread for the next XP accumulation events
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Sweet, every 4 weeks!

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You guys are waste of time, 10k credits = $2, how about you fix all the bugs first and replace customer support with somebody competent?
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When will the in-game leaderboard show the results?
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Unfortunately there has been an error with the calculation and display of our database on the servers 1, 2 and 3 (iOS). However, all the relevant data is stored on our database, so that we will be able to calculate the winners manually. We will hand out the credits to the winners on all servers as soon as we have finished this calculation.

Please excuse the inconveniences.
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All winners have now been calculated and all prizes have been handed out: Here are the winners of the first Khador XP accumulation:


Server 1 - Fiat Lux

Graf J 115,968,172
Hacky 2014 60,782,960
Tamula 58,091,993

Server 2 - Prima Luce

Dav024 205,399,592
Robert_CC 147,312,824
Starlord again 100,928,428

Server 3 - Aurora

Oberstein 529,940,132
Ramba Zamba 154,293,448
{!}WARBEAST{!} 95,133,858

Server 4 - Meridies

Player_DQD65I 135,799,137
Reseus 119,229,830
L@z@rev 103,546,301

Warzone 1 - United Planets

Blauer Drache 73,936,678
Dave O 69,898,631
Nick Nack 32,108,127

Warzone 2 - Discordia

Ace 39,528,897
Tuco 38,078,584
Roudy 33,528,897


Server 1 - Neomenia

EDWARD 117,329,019
Vovochka 102,997,988
MIX 88,409,884

Server 2 - Nova Crescendo

Inductor 64,248,046
Radar 48,780,692
Carpy 47,967,273

Server 3 - Crescent

Ivy Li 146,573,896
prince850812 136,378,388
FENIKS 72,535,892

Server 4 - Plenilunium

PALAS 82,205,274
Cybran 57,803,850
Varn Draal 47,967,160

Warzone Bellum Stellarum

KOPFNUSS 81,139,674
Samaddin 38,375,510
MIESZKO I 29,347,404

Once again, apologies for the missing leaderboards.
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I thought I'd done better than that :-/

A big shout out to Oberstein, that is an amazing amount of XP!

It would be cool to get an interview with him.