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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Xmas Story Contest by Shadow Assassin » 20. December 2015 18:05
There I was minding my own business when, well, maybe first of all I should tell you who I am and what my business is.
I am the Shadow Assassin, I will undertake any job for the right price.
So, I was minding my own business, in other words, I was just about to assassinate my target when I herd a noise above, a sort of bell noise. I looked up to see a 'thing' flying through the sky being pulled by what looked like animals.
My target took the opportunity to run for safety, "no way in the Nebula," I shouted and throw my katana which landed right in his back.
I've never let a target get away, this was the closest one had come. What ever it was that distracted me will pay. No one makes me mess up a job.
I jumped into my shuttle and took off.
I tracked down the object a few miles away. "Damn, that thing moves fast."
As I got closer I could see it was a sleigh being pulled by raindeer.
"No, come on, be real."
I got closer, the sleigh rider was a fat Terran in a red suit and hat. He also had a big white beard. "No way. The big man himself. I thought he was a myth."
Nether the less, he still distracted me. He must pay the price.
I got along side him, he looked over and said "ho ho ho".
"Land now," I called through the loud speaker.
"I'm a bit busy," he replied.
I pulled just above the raindeer and slowly lowered forcing him to follow suit, eventually I managed to get him to land. I landed just in front of him and left my shuttle.
I got to the sleigh and looked at the fat Terran, it looked like it was who I thought it was.
"What can I do for you son?" The jolly bloke asked.
"You distracted me and almost let my target escape," I said.
"Yes, you are on my naughty list, but you can change your ways, turn things around."
"Really? I don't think so. No one messes with me when I'm working."
I pulled my pistol out and aimed it at the sleigh rider.
"But if you kill me who will deliver all the presents to the good boys and girls?"
I lowered my gun and looked in the back of the slay, there was a humongous sack overflowing with presents, I could see things in there that I would have loved to have had when I was a kid.
I thought for a bit then made my decision.
"To hell with this, good bye fat boy."
I shot him in the head.
"Oh, and one more thing, happy Christmas."

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Unread post Re: [EVENT] christmas Story Contest by DiddyDragon » 20. December 2015 18:48
Santa Vossk

By DiddyDragon

It was Christmas eve in the shroud nebular and all the aliens were fast asleep. The Terrans had set out milk and cookies for Santa, the Nivillians had decorated their houses with bright flowers and decorations for Nivalia the gift bringer and the Vossk had laid out the trophies from all their kills over the past year, hoping to get some shiny new weapons from the Vossk lord. And so the people of the nebular slept and hoped, ZED for a brand new troll stick, DiddyDragon for a book on how to Vossk-proof his bookshelves. Naib of Casper wanted a new war button, and Lynx of Erebus wanted a Spaceboy 3000 game console. Every member of every alliance, from Liberator to AsOne dreamed of some amazing present they wanted to receive. All, that is, except for Polyz the Vossk. Polyz sat on a frozen tundra, cursing ZED for sending him here. Archangel99 had fallen asleep and was now suspended from an icicle (the handy work of Polyz). Polyz was surrounded by empty Vossk Vodka bottles and his disinterblaster 3000 shook in his hands. Suddenly a sound like thunder rent the air and Polyz jumped up in time to see some sort of ship take off a few miles west. It look strange as if it was being pulled across the sky by some flying creatures. This unnerved Polyz greatly and he lifted the blaster and fired a shot at the ship. "SUCKER!" The gun's voice box screamed as it fired a beam of light at the ship. The sky lit up as the beam collided with the back of the strange contraption. It shook violently and plummeted toward the ground. As it crashed into the snow and ice a large figure fell from it and landed face down in the snow. The dust cleared and Polyz got a proper look at the object he had shot down. It was an open topped object that resembled a high tech sleigh. The things in front of it resembled mechanical deer with big antlers. The lead one had a great red L.E.D where its nose should be. Suddenly it dawned on him. These were reindeer! This was Santa's sleigh! He had just-. His joy was replaced with fear. For if this was Santa's sleigh, then the person who had been riding it was... He turned slowly to look at the figure that had been riding the sleigh. The man lying face down in the snow was wearing a bright red suit. Polyz (with considerable difficulty) rolled the fat figure onto his back to reveal a cherry red face and long beard. Polyz was panicking. He had shot down Santa! What if he had killed him!? His thoughts were interrupted by a voice nearby. "Hurry up! He crashed here!" Polyz realised that these voices must belong to elves. Forming an alibi he took his blaster and placed it under Archangel, then rushed back to Santa and shouted "OVER HERE! QUICKLY!" There was a sound of rushing feet and a dozen elves came into view. Upon seeing Santa laying in the snow the lead of the group ran towards him and grabbed his wrist. After a tense moment he let go again. "He's alive, but only barley." Then he turned to Polyz. "Where is the one that did this?"
"He's over there." Polyz pointed to the sleeping Archangel. "I saw him shoot down the sleigh so I hit him on the head and stuck him up there." The elf turned and spoke to some blue uniformed police elves. "Get him down and take him to the candy cane jail! And take Santa to doctor snowball!"
"But who's going to deliver the presents now?" Another elf piped up. All eyes turned to Polyz. "You can do it" the lead elf said. "Please. Help us save Christmas."
"Um... well you see ... I um."
"We'll pay you."
Polyz eyes widened. If he did this he was basically being paid for knocking out Santa. "I'll do it." The elves cheered and brought forth a red suit small enough for him to where. He hopped on to the sleigh (which had been repaired by the elves) and was told how to operate it. "The course is pre-set, press this button to warp jump to the next place and this one to enter the house. At each location check the persons profile to see whether they are naughty or nice, and then give them presents or coal accordingly. Good luck." With that
the robotic sleigh took off and flew away from the planet and into orbit. Polyz pressed the warp button and disappeared in a flash of light. He materialised and landed on the roof of a penthouse. He looked at the monitor and saw that his first delivery was to ZED. The profile said that ZED was nice this year and he would be getting a new troll stick. Polyz however had different ideas. Grabbing a sack of coal and the troll stick he activated the transporter and entered the penthouse. ZED was out which gave him plenty of time to set his plan in motion. Grabbing a bucket he filled it with coal, before sticking in the active troll stick with a note saying "have a very merry shockmas." He then stuck the bucket on top of the slightly ajar door. The next person to come into the room would receive a ton of coal and a shocking surprise. Before leaving Polyz placed a microphone hidden near the door, tuned to the same frequency as his comms device. Pleased with his work he teleported back to the sleigh. The night continued in the same fashion. Polyz would go to a house and give coal or presents as he saw fit. When he arrived at his own house he saw that he was put down on the list as naughty. He knew that the elves would not let him get away with giving presents to a person labelled 'naughty' so he decided that it was time to change that. Under the 'good deeds' section (currently empty) he put down "helped chicken cross the road,
Hosted homeless shelter' and finally 'saved Santa Clause's life.' He watched the message on screen change from naughty to nice, and proceeded to give himself the biggest amount of presents yet, before heading off on his merry way to finish his job.
A few days later as Polyz was relaxing in his brand new fancy room, the sound of footsteps came from his comms device. There was the creak of an opening door then a thud followed by sounds of electrocution. There were a few seconds of silence, then "POLYZ!!!"


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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Xmas Story Contest by Pilgrim006 » 22. December 2015 03:24
'Twas the night before Christmas and all though the Nebula not an Alliance was stirring, not even the Void. Out on the horizon came a great clatter and there came a great light as Dishlabs brought its players bags full of gifts. There were void carriers and crystals galore. As the mighty Dislabs Mk5 carrier went by you could hear there programmers shout Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! Now those players who awakened were full of glee as getting a Void carrier was no easy thing , so they gathered up the crystals and adorned their void carriers with their favorite color and off they went with Smiles from Ear to Ear.

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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Xmas Story Contest by Voornthal » 22. December 2015 15:23
“Void Cars Under the Tree”

What is life? Why must there be never ending conflict? Is it the natural state of life? I don’t know, but in the Shroud Nebula, there are so many different species, all struggling for control and total domination. There are Terrans, Vossk, and Nivelians. I have formed an alliance called Dark Pirates. I have three members and I just achieved level 100. It is snowing outside on my icy world and by the Terran calendar, Christmas is nearly here. As families meet and enjoy Christmas ham, it is time to take stock of my current situation. I believe that by the time Christmas comes, my alliance will be strong and for that, I am thankful.

My name is Cobra. It was like yesterday that I began my journey creating an alliance and expanding my empire. I was building my systems, launching my fleets, and colonizing far away planets. I was constructing mining stations, shipyards, and spy drones. I was competing with my allies and fighting against my enemies all in real time and all the while I was using my controller in my home system, pressing buttons and making decisions. I know that the fate of the nebula is in my hands. My alliance and I must cooperate in order to defend ourselves and gain valuable XP. My commanders insist that only by gaining XP can we level up and increase our ship limit. My officers advise me to level up to gain more skills points. Curse the gods who created this cruel ship limit! Curse the choices I must make! Speed or troop efficiency? Metal extraction or ship capacity? How many men wish to have the power I have? How I wish they could see me agonize over my choices!

There are limitless possibilities in an open battleground such as the Shroud Nebula. Those Void cars are an example. They can hold 800 ships and go blazing fast, but take so long to build. I need a level 20 headquarters, a level 20 laboratory, and a level 20 shipyard. That’s not easy and my scientists inform me that I need copious amounts of metal, gas, and crystals to do the job. How will I do it? I will need level 2 freighters and level 3 carriers and yellow citadels to harvest powerful artifact to augment their speed and capacity. How many crystals do I need to build a level 20 shipyard? How will I set my priorities in order to conquer the Shroud Nebula? These are the considerations that every experienced commander must face, certainly from the dawn of time. All great generals must face these tough choices.

Even if I get such a large amount of resources, the time it takes to finish construction increases more and more for each new level. By my calculations, it will take over six months to be ready to build my first Void carrier and to equip it with artifacts to reach level 20. But then came incredible news. My men tell me that if I spend a certain amount of credits, they will work so fast that the job will be done instantaneously. This violates the very laws of physics, but I will take advantage of this valuable capability! I am certain that my enemies are doing the same and I cannot stop my growth in this dangerous time in the Shroud Nebula. There can be no peace without a strong military and my forces are growing every day. To date, my fleet consists of 2,500 ships. My cluster contains eight systems and will continue to expand. I love peace, but I am not afraid of war. This is the nature of man.

And yet, I am not satisfied with what I have. Credits, credits, credits. They are so hard to come by. I cannot tell you how many ships I have lost on missions to earn more credits so I can speed build my systems, my ships, my carriers and my troops. How many men have died during those three hour missions in order to gain 25 credits, knowing full well that I will need over 900 to speed build 200,000 troops? How many will never see their families again? Do they even know that they are made of metal, gas, and crystal? Their children will never forget their sacrifice and their names will echo throughout the halls of my home systems until the end of time.

My ships and men have paid the ultimate price for their alliance. We need those Void cars and we’ll do anything to get them. It must be our our lot in life. We must fight until the end or at least until a new Shroud Nebula is discovered. If I go inactive, it is certain that someone will take my systems.

I want those Void cars. Nay, I need those Void cars. That is my Christmas wish.

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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Xmas Story Contest by AviaEnigma » 22. December 2015 16:28
(Sorry this is similar to another post, I just thought of it and thought it was really cool)

'Twas the night before christmas when all through the station, not a machine was stirring, not even a lowly bot.

The ships, floating above their pads with care, in hopes that a ketar soon would be there.

Everyone was nestled, asleep in their quarters, while visions of credits danced through their heads.

And Carla in her 'kerchief, and Keith in his cap, had just settled their brains for a long solstice nap.

When out from the dock arose such a clatter, Keith had to get up, to see what was the matter.

Away to his ship he flew like a flash, entering the passcode and tearing open the hatch!

Kaamo's light on the breast of it's asteroid belt, gave lustre to a number of objects below.

When what, to Keith's eyes did appear, but a small red ship, eight thrusters aglow.

With a little old pilot, so agile and quick, he knew in a moment it must be Sar'tick!

More rapid than voids his systems they readied, he pressed and shouted and called them by name.

On engines! On shields! On weapons and armor! On tractor! On thrusters! On Khador drive!

To the edge of the belt! To the edge of the system! Now fly away, fly away, fly away all!

As pirates afront a mercenaries' guns did cry, when their armor was low, with their hypderdrives did fly;

Past every station the little red ship flew, with a hold full of equipment, and Sar'tick too.

And then, in an instant, Keith heard on his own roof, the ticking and tapping of each landing strut.

As he drew a weapon, and began turning around, down Sar'tick came, in a flash of light!

He was dressed in a green metal from his head to his pincers, and was deeply covered in oxides and soot.

A Rhoda Blackhole was fixed to his back, he looked like a merchant, just opening his shop.

His eyes deeply red, and his complexion so stern,
His cheeks were as sharp as the lines of a ship,

His mouth was drawn up in a strange little smirk, and the tip of his chin was as blue as Kappa.

A teleportation device he held in his claws, and it's smoke encircled his head like a wreath.

He had a long face, and seemed rather small for so noble a Vossk, and Keith laughed at his stature, in spite of himself.

But with a wink of his eyes and a turning of his head, he was soon assured there was nothing to dread.

He spoke not a word, as he went about his work, he removed all of the gifts, and turned with a jerk.

And laying his pincer on the button of his device, with a mere nod, through the ceiling he rose!

He sprang to his ship, and to it gave a command, and away he flew like a speeder in a race.

But the message he transmitted, as he flew out of sight;
"Norr warr'ta ye b'agna! Tuung ye b'agna j'a lo'kirr qu'o!"

("Happy Christmas to all! And to all, a good rotation!")

-avi'a'enigma (GOFA)

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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Xmas Story Contest by christianger5 » 23. December 2015 09:14
Xmas Story from Christianger5 (W1A)

Every Xmas Santa has to deliever the Presents to each planet in galaxy.
But in one sector the presents never arrived. nobody wanted to be at fault for it. So the people asked each alliance in that sector, whether they stole the presents. But nobody admitted their fault.
Really everyone blames the big alliance in that sector, that they wanted 2 presents for themselves. The people their wanted their presents back, so they dropped their nap and then they wanted to start war.
There was one little guy, who wanted a proof that they stole the presents. Everyone searched in their battlereports, but nobody found any proof. They decided to spy next day, whether they steal the presents. But what they found, wasnt the big alliance, but the voids, so they doenst started a war against each other, but against the void toghether and everyone in the shroud was happy, with the ecxeption of the void
They had a happy Xmas toghether.
Happy Xmas to all.

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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Xmas Story Contest by Kwk » 23. December 2015 13:31
An Un-Merry Christmas
by :sad:w k. w k):

The voids curled up in front of the fire,
Exhausted beyond all belief
As they had a disastrous day,
And only now breathed a sigh of relief.

On their travel to W1A Neomenia,
They were pelted with spy drones
And as they passes through the wormhole,
Their carriers begin to fail one by one.

At home the voids was determined
To make Christmas dinner a success
But oh, the cookies were black,
And the kitchen was left in a mess.

So the family sat around the table,
Wearily eyeing one another.
Cornelius Tenner sighed and said,
Well at least we have got each other.

But there is one more thing
Presents! We still have void crystals, right?"
Cornelius Tenner gulped and said,
"I might have forgotten those, too, tonight."
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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Xmas Story Contest by Neomorpheus » 23. December 2015 16:36
A spirit in the galaxy

Nova nebula in the different species are like children facing this universe of planets
Many children have a planet in a solar system house of kingdom
But it's a huge galaxy to which it belongs
The planets are on fire at war with each other but also face the voids.
The galaxy is a carpet of emmeraude with predators.
The voids are like bugbear
They want to darken the future of its planets and lose their dreams.
But these planets have a link other than the battle has been born.

First the jewels of some planets
It is a hope of finding artefacts of yellow or red or blue as a christmas lantern in front of us giving hope to grow.
Secondly as the objects that decorate the christmas tree we discover other planets full of differents that make us tick that make us develop our small system so singular in our eyes.
And just like the christmas day we discover something that is not under the tree.
We discover something that is when we are together.
This is a spirit of sharing of help is in alliances.
Like children who make a snowball fight.
We grow more and more alliances are holding hands to explore and share fun even when war is.
And there is the star that illuminate the tree "the crystals voids"
The reward of an agreement to defend and fight darkness of the night.
Christmas gift with a good alliances or good deals.
Remember with a game that our child maintenance soul.
The gaze turns to the space to the light of hope and sign of magic.
The spirit of nova is strongest.
Stronger than the voids because more human.
Merry christmas merry celebrations and surprises

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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Xmas Story Contest by lucas » 23. December 2015 19:56
Christmas story

A light sand storm swept across the capital city of the planet of Imeror3, headquarters of the fleet associations of the Imerorianic Kingdom. Joined an Alliance peace had returned after endless battles with interstellar pirates in the advent season at last. Calm has returned in the fleet command headquarters. Anonymous, who is Commander in Chief of the Imerorianic forces, was sitting on the evening of the 4th advent alone officer Casino and munching around listlessly on a gingerbread. Suddenly the door opened and his flag officer excitedly ran up to him and went ahead of him in the basic position. His jugular vein throbbed powerfully and sweat ran down his forehead.
"Stand at ease. What is there at this late hour?", said Anonymous, suppressing a silent burps. The flag officer moaned, "we have a huge problem with the mobilization of the occupation, which is currently into the Christmas spirit. We could stop them not to decorate everything, but fortunately the fact to light an advent wreath. But they want to make up a Christmas tree in the Center now. The team of other carriers has mutinied because there was no Christmas tree on board. An other carrier is completely burned, because the tree caught fire and the Sprenkleranlage was turned off. A member of the crew thought the switch would be to turn off the light. A vehicle Commander has let so long Christmas music can be heard in the corridors, until all other team rank with cry cramps and apathetic twitches in the lazaret had to be hospitalized. Of all carriers I can sign gefechtsklar only 3."
Anonymous, bowed her head and nodded. That will be a celebration...

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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Xmas Story Contest by kirilinko » 24. December 2015 02:54
The Christmas story in the Shroud Nebula

It's Christmas in the shroud nebula and at this time all of the civilizations are at peace and all the conflicts and wars are left aside at this time.Unfortunately the space terrorist group that is called pirates are trying to ruin the Holliday.They have captured the senate's top 3 leaders of the great space council and have wrecked havoc upon the civilizations.Now all of them think that it was planed by one of the 3 civilizations.The civilizations consists of Vossk,Terrans,and Nevilians.A scouting group is sent from the Terran to scout out a foreign system for clues.The commander of the scouting group is general Zaika accompanied by the famous Nevilian and Vossk generals Shoponcho and Jigzl who wanted to join forces to help.......

"We have finally reached this system"said Zaika over the radio."It seems like a carrier was attacked here.We are gonna check it out."The carrier seemed to have been attacked a long time ago but there was no mistake that is was one of the senates carriers."We better investigate" said Jigzl as they flew nearer.The area around the ship was filled with space garbage witch mostly might have come from the battle."Well said Shoponcho we should better look around and see what we can find before the pirates find this."Hmm...If they were pirates that attacked this ship they should have taken all of this after all they take everything"said Zaika "Nor are they voids cause we could have found at least some parts lying around from their ships"added Jigzl.

After about a half hour of searching they found nothing but things from only the 3 civilizations."I guess it wasn't the pirates nor the voids"said Jigzl."Is there anyone we are forgetting?"At this moment red dots appeared on Shoponcho's radar."Guys we got company!"cried Shoponcho as he turned his ship to face the attackers.There were at least 6 pirate ships coming their way."They found it"said Zaika as his ship turned to face the opposition as well."We need to keep one of them alive if we can so that we can take him back to bace at and question him"said Jigzl already flying head on into the 6 pirate ships.The battle lasted for 6 minutes and soon there were only 2 pirate ships left witch were trying to retreat."Oh no you don't!"cried both Zaika and Jigzl as the sent 2 homing paralyze rockets at their enemies.The rockets have hit their marks and paralyzed the two enemy ships.The crew quickly got both of their opposers on Shoponcho's ship witch had a passengers cabin and they took off to their bace in the system called Trom.

When they got back to the space station they found someone they didn't intend to find.It was Keith Maxwell himself.Of course he was now older than in his past days and has been not heard from for a long time."I'm here to help find those senate members"said Keith in a old voice"I see you aged up a lot after the last time we met Zaika"he added with a chuckle "Well what have you got for us?""We have two pirate captives on board Mr.Maxwell"answered Zaika "they attacked us when we were investigating"at these words Shoponcho and Jiglz appeared carrying 2 unconscious pirates.

After some days the good guys have found about that the pirate alliance Shoptor has kidnaped the senate members to ruin Christmas and destroy all relations between the 3 civilizations.They also found out that a carrier was suposed to get the senate members to the main Shoptor's system on Wednesday next week so they could intersect it in time.

After some days a fleet of 1000 fighters MK2 have departed to attack the carrier and get the senate members back while the others would prepare to attack Shoptor's main system and bring the alliance leader down for good.

After one week the MK2 fighters came back with the 3 senate leaders."Now it's time to take down that damn alliance"said Keith Maxwell as the fleet assembled to go on the great voyage to the pirate system.In about 2 hours the fleet was on their way flying with the fastest speed they could manage.

At the same time the pirates in Shoptor's main system Ygulardier were preparing for the attackers.They have found them out because their spies saw them coming nearer to the main system."We are ready" said the loud voice of Bronchuratel a Vossk right hand of the alliance leader Dark Blood a Terran pirate leader of Shoptor alliance. "Good"said the dark voice of Dark Blood."Let them come now to their doom".

The civilization ships approached but only to find themselves greater by a lot of ships themselves."Give up you fools"said the dark voice of Dark Blood "Or you will perish in this battle and your ship chunks will be thrown around our system.""Never!"answered the firm voice of Keith Maxwell as he and Zaika started to fly right on to the enemy.

The battle was harsh,heavy fire was laid on both sides as both started fighting.The pirates seemed to have an upper hand after some hours of war on the planet station Keith and Zaika were fighting while the other two pirate stations in the other two systems have lost a lot of pirates and were surrendering.

When Zaika thought the battle was lost something fast and pretty like a silver comet whizzed through the space and immediately all of pirate ships stopped working as well as their carriers.As the pilots looked around the comet flew around all it'll longer and then stopped.Instead of the silver comet now there stood no one but Santa Claus.

Santa looked at the pirates and said"You were very naughty this year and you even tried to sabotage the Holliday so I stopped you from going any further to ruin it" then he looked in the direction of Zaika."I would also like to say that Zaika and his crew helped us all much by figuring out who took the poor senate leaders,and I want to thank them very much."Then he looked back at the pirates and said to the civilization comrades."Take them away and look them all up but don't kill them,they might be naughty but they still deserve to live.Merry Christams!"At these words Santa disappeared.

At the very end all the pirates were locked away while the others had a great Christmas Feast at the Christmas planet and had a very jolly and holly time