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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Xmas Story Contest by Duesenschrieb » 24. December 2015 14:48
A GOFA Christmas story…

One day in late December the leader of a well known alliance was asked by his comrades if the christmas time of 2015 was going to be peaceful or martial. The leader asked his diplomacy officer, but he too had lost touch with the reading signs from the universe around their home worlds. In truth, neither of them had any idea about how to predict the coming christmas season. However, the leader decided to take a unusual approach, and so he mailed the admin.

'Yes, it is going to be a hot and martial christmas time,' the admin told the leader. Consequently, he went back to his alliance and told the men to build plenty of carriers and ships.

A fortnight later the leader mailed the admin again and asked for an update. 'Are you still forecasting a war intense time?' he asked. 'Yes, very intense slashing and bashing', the admin told him. As a result of this brief conversation the leader went back to his alliance and told his comrades to collect every bit of ressources they could find to build more ships and troops.

A week later the leader mailed the admin once more and asked about the coming christmas eve. 'Yes,' he was told, 'it is going to be one of the toughest times ever.'
'How can you be so sure?' the leader asked. The admin replied: 'Because a well known alliance is collecting ressources and building carriers, ships and troops like crazy.'

Merry Christmas!

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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Xmas Story Contest by CLAUDIUS » 24. December 2015 15:25
In the beginning there was player alone in a huge galaxy. After several months developing its planets he was approached by an alliance that suggested he join them . Despite the language barrier he accepted.

Then there was the war between the biggest alliances to which he belonged . After several weeks of war stood still and he joined another alliance which enabled him to learn a new way of playing.

Within this alliance he found generosity, selflessness , solidarity , laughter , friends ... In this galaxy players mingle in alliances without discrimination of skin color , religion or nationality. Although this is only a game , but in this game people accept and live together .
In these difficult times where people kill in the name of God , for resources, border, or others stupid reasons ;

our little galaxy sounds like a nice example, despite some war, of brotherhood among people that ultimately do not know in real life . I want to thank the members of my alliance for the good times we spend together and to wish to all of the gaming community a Merry Christmas . it's not really a story but just a nice experience that I live.

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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Christmas Story Contest by ZED » 24. December 2015 16:12
The Christmas Rescue By ZED, Children of Nite, Android Server 2, Nova Crescendo
ZED had spent all his spare time looking for his family, ever since they vanished when the pirates raided his home village.
Even when recovering from the attack that left him as half a machine, he would hack into surveillance systems of other worlds hoping to find something.
With Children of Nite ZED had made many enemies but none bothered him like the pirates who killed his people and took his family.
He could not know for sure if they were alive or dead but he would not give up hope.
ZED had spent thousands of credits to get private investigators and mercenaries to find them.It was about two weeks after he reassigned Polyz and Archangel99 to a remote icy planet on a fool's errand just before Christmas.
ZED was working in his office, checking on the war plans when his comms screen lit up.
“ZED,” came a voice, the persons face was blocked, "I have some news.”
“I've got the info you asked for. I know where you need to go to find your family.”
“Location on screen, you need to report to Stella Bar on that planet, in the capital city."
“OK, on my way. Thank you.” ZED disconnected the call.
ZED called Mac.
“I need you to continue the war planning, I've got to go.”
“My family; I know where to find them.”
“A PI contacted me. He's giving me a starting point.”
“Take some officers with you.”
“No, I've got this.”
“No. I go alone.”
“OK, good luck.” ZED disconnected the call and headed down to the shuttle bay.
Three days later ZED arrived at the destination planet.
ZED docked at the capital city space docks and got his hover transporter ready.
He arrived at the bar a little after 11:00 local time and secured his hover transporter. He walked into the bar to see a familiar face. ZED reached for his side arm but before he reached it, he was struck on the back of his head.
ZED woke up a little while after, tied to a chair and missing his mechanical arm and leg. He was still in the bar.He looked around and saw the person he wished he did not know, Landstander.
“Look who's come to visit for Christmas!" Landstander said.
ZED could see that two people behind Landstander were holding his mechanical limbs and Landstander had his troll stick in hand.
“I told you that if I ever saw you again I would kill you.”
“Really, ZED? And how are you going to manage that?”
“ENOUGH!” came a voice from behind. A large Vossk walked past ZED into view. He had more than his fair share of war marks all over him.
“Who are you?”
“All in good time. Let me introduce you to the others. Landstander you know, these two guys holding um... you, they are all that remains of the Snake Fury alliance that you butchered, those other five are also Snake Fury. Those four guys back there are from...”
“No one introduces us. We are from the true dimension,” one of them said but the Vossk looked at him and he shut up and stepped back.
“Man, they really don't like people here, you killed their leaders and most of their fleet when you blew up the dimension portal so they are no longer worried about taking over this dimension. Only crushing you and your alliance.”
“I get a lot of that. What about you? Who are you?”
“Wouldn't you like to know?”
“Um, well, yes, that's why I asked, idiot.”
*Smack!* the Vossk smacked him across the face.
“Nice implants by the way.”
“Thank you, give me my arm and leg back and I will show you what I can do with them.”
“Nice try.”
“So, I know who these goons are, what about you? Is it time now or are you intending to play the mystery man all day?”
“Did DiddyDragon not speak of me?”
“What has Diddy...” ZED suddenly realised who this man was, from the big smile in his face the Vossk also knew.
“You're the pirate leader who took my family.”
“Are they alive? Where are they?”
“That is info you will never know.”
“So, what are you going to do to me?”
“You are going to die,” said one of the Snake Fury clan.
“But slowly,” said the pirate, “they want me to kill you quickly, but I have other plans.”
From the corner of his eye ZED could see a face in the window, Mac. Mac had come to help him but ZED could not fight with only one arm and leg and to reconnect them was not a quick job. Mac would have to fight them all on his own, all ZED could do was distract them.
“So, you are going to torture me?”
“You're catching on,” said the pirate.“Before you do can I have your name?”
“What about your head?”
ZED laughed, he know what was coming next.
*Smack!* The same side of his face.“Try the other side.”
“What, and hit that facial implant? Not a chance.”He hit him again.“I tried the torture thing,” Landstander said, “It does not work for him. Although I did feed him well, maybe this time with no food.”
“Fed me well, Nivelian broth and a cup of Nivelian sower tea, you call that fed well? I'd rather die.”
“My pleasure,” Landstander said while standing up and pointing ZED's troll stick at him.
“Settle down.” said the pirate leader.
“Yes, settle down like a good little piggy,” ZED said.
Landstander ran forward, the pirate leader turned to stop him, but Landstander stopped short.
“You don't even know how to use that, do you?” ZED said.
“I'll show you how to use it,” Landstander said, “I will shove it so far down your throat it will come out of your...”
Before he could finish, the door burst open behind the group and Megan, Shaddax and Abby_Stokes came running through. Mac burst through the window and ran over to ZED with a knife in hand. Naib burst through a window on the other side.

Megan came straight at one of the Snake Fury members. He reached to his side to grab his side arm but Megan reached him first and stuck her sword through his chest. She then pulled her sword back and spun around and aimed for the next.
He saw her coming and raised his sword. He then returned a strike which Megan blocked.Megan and her target struggled sword to sword until she found his groin with her knee. He doubled over, Megan stepped back and brought her sword down to his head.

Abby followed Megan through the door with his staff in hand. A Snake Fury raised his pistol but Abby swung the staff out smashing the target's hand. His gun flew across the room. Abby continued the swing all the way around and back to her target, slanting the staff downwards to his jaw. He fell to the floor holding his mouth.Abby then followed onto the next target, he raised his katana, and Abby knew that the katana would slice through her stick, so she pulled it back and swung it down onto the top of the katana hitting the back of the blade. Before Abby could react her target rushed forward and struck for Abby, she stepped aside and brought her staff down but he saw it coming and raised his katana up through her staff cutting it in half. He then kicked her in the chest. She stumbled back and he followed her. She now had a half staff in either hand, she swung her right stick down into his lead wrist and spun around him to end behind him. Abby thrust the broken end of the staff into his back, spearing him through the heart and instantly killing him.

Shaddax ran past Megan and Abby and headed towards the Snake Fury members holding ZED's limbs.Shaddax had his daggers in either hand. the first Snake Fury member he reached was holding ZED's arm, he swung at Shaddax with it but Shaddax ducked and thrusted his dagger into the target's stomach. As he straightened up the other swung ZED's leg at him hitting him across the head. Shaddax fell to the floor and another Snake Fury member followed him with a sword. Shaddax crossed his daggers together and stopped the sword. He then kicked at the attacker's knee caps, shattering them both. ZED's leg came down to his head but Shaddax saw it and rolled to the side. He then swung his left hand's dagger to the ankle of his opponent, before he hit the floor Shaddax jumped up and thrusted the right hand's dagger up through the soft flesh of his lower jaw.

Before they knew what was happening, Naib was on the commanders from the other dimension. He rushed towards the group and without a seconds thought he pulled out a small device, pushed the button and a laser was produced, two of them turned to face him but he struck one with the laser sword taking his arm clean off. The other raised his pistol and took aim, but Naib grabbed the armless fighter and pulled him into the firing line and he took a plasma round to the head. Naib ran forwards holding the dead fighter as a shield and knocked into the shooter. He stumbled and hit the floor with the dead body on top of him. As Naib swung down for the kill the fighter shot the ceiling causing a chunk of plaster above Naib to fall. Naib saw this and dived to the side, dropping his laser sword. The fighter and Naib got back up, Naib gave a roundhouse kick to the fighter's hand before he got his bearings and knocked the pistol from his hand. Naib ran in and punched the fighter but was blocked and kicked to the floor. As the fighter advanced and stood above Naib, Naib noticed his laser sword by his side and grabbed it. The fighter saw this and rushed to kick it but Naib got there first, pushed the button and rammed it inup, the fighter's groin.

Mac reached ZED and quickly cut the ropes tying him to the chair.A commander from the other dimension saw Mac and ran at him, sword raised. He reached Mac while he was still crouched down by ZED. ZED kicked his foot out, catching him in the leg and making him stumble.Mac saw this and quickly jumped up, hitting the attacker's sword arm with his left hand and punching him in the face with his right. The attacker dropped the sword. Mac punched him in the throat with his left hand and hit him in the temple with a right hammer fist. The attacker stumbled back, Mac followed through with an uppercut to the nose, snapping it and sending the nose cartilage up into his brain.

Landstander and the pirate leader stood there in shock of what was happening. They never expected an assault here. They had watched ZED the second he landed and knew that he came alone. While they stood there ZED jumped up on his one good leg and reached for his troll stick that Landstander was still holding, he grabbed it and swung it around smacking Landstander across the head, Landstander hit the floor but ZED could not keep his balance and also hit the floor. The pirate leader and the fourth commander from the other dimension approached ZED. ZED reached out with his troll stick, striking the commander in the leg and swung around to hit the pirate in the side. The pirate stumbled. ZED then put the troll stick to the head of the commander next to him and activated it, sending 25,000 volts straight into his brain.ZED shuffled his way back to the chair.

Shaddax picked up ZED's arm and leg and walked over to him.
“ZED, pull yourself together.”
“Ha ha,” ZED replied and started to sort himself out.
“Mac, how did you find me?”
“You're not the only one who can hack, boss. When you refused to accept help I got Diddy to hack into your system and find out where you were going.”
“And Naib,” ZED asked, “Why are you here? You left us.”
“When I heard you may be in trouble I had to come.”
“What now?” asked Megan.
“He knows where my family is.” ZED said, pointing at the pirate. “Tie those two up.”
After ZED was back in one piece again he approached Landstander. “Now, what was I saying earlier? Oh yes, if I ever saw you again.” ZED put the troll stick to his forehead and fried Landstander's brain.
“Now,” ZED said turning to the pirate leader, “Where is my family?”
“I will not talk.”Shaddax approached him.
“What is he going to do?”
“Grab his arm,” Shaddax said.
Abby grabbed his arm, Shaddax took a dagger and cut his little finger off.
“I will take each finger until you have none left, I will then work on your toes, and if you still don't speak, well, there is only one more thing I can cut off.”
It took three fingers before he gave in. “OK, OK, they are alive.”
“Where are they?”
“On my carrier.”
“LOCATION?” Mac shouted.“In orbit of the next planet in this system.”
“Take us there,” ZED said.
“Sir,” Megan said, “You need to rest, we move tomorrow.”
“But it's Christmas tomorrow,” Abby said.
“And?” Megan added.
In the morning the group boarded the pirates shuttle and headed to the carrier. They boarded the carrier.
“Where are they?” ZED asked.
“I will lead you to them.”
“No chance,” Naib interrupted, “you will stay here. Tell us where to go.”
The pirate leader gave them the directions.
Abby tied the pirate leader up and gagged him.
The group proceeded through the carrier. Every pirate they came across, they struck down without hesitation.
They came to the holding cells and saw a lady and two children behind the force field.
“H,” ZED shouted, “Sugar, Chubba!"
ZED ran forward to disengage the force field.
“ZED, hun, what happened to you?” said Lady H.
“I will tell you another time. Let's get the hell out of here.”
They headed back to the shuttle but there were too many pirates to deal with so they took another route and came across another shuttle, still cutting down all pirates they met. They departed and returned to their carrier.
On the carrier ZED spent time catching up with his family. He told them what had happened since they were taken.
“Damn, it's good to see you. Happy Christmas guys.”

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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Xmas Story Contest by Micro_Frost » 25. December 2015 07:47
It twas the night before Christmas, but all was not well for commander Frost. His Closest allies had betrayed him in a time of weakness, his people had been celebrating the star explosions across the nebula that signaled the X-mas holidays.

Commander Frost woke up, he rubbed his eyes as he walked out of his escape pod and looked around, to his right was the escape pod he had just walked out of and father off in the distance was his war carrier Ares, it was still on fire from the battle of the Gudray system In sector AB 25, repairs were most likely already under way but at least it was still intact at all, just beyond his ship was a Terran headquarters, one of his headquarters from one of the home planets. Micro (the commander's birth name) got to his feet and surveyed the land, they must have went through the jump gate and crash landed on Home 2 while trying to escape his old alliances wrath, for their technology was more superior then his fleet's.
"Peace and order my ass" said the young commander
"couldn't take a small prank" without the Gudray planets he had just lost in battle a few hour's earlier, Me and my people will be practically be back at square one, thought the commander
"commander?" he heard the voice in his ear, some static but he knew who it was
"yeah Lily?"
"We thought we lost you when we lost connection to the ship" Micro paused before replying
"I know"
"look on the bright side"
"what bright side is there in losing all of our outside planets?"
"we can spend more time together, and we haven't spent a star explosion sequence together since Father died" Micro stared up at the systems star, currently pulsing beautifully in the sky in a small outward explosion, which would continue across the nebula for all stars ( or suns, whatever you wanna call it) for the next 3 days, for this was the 2 day of 5 days of the nebula wide holiday
"sis" Micro said "all be home for X-mas"
"and all be waiting!" Lily said excitedly
Micro sighed, and as he started walking back to the Ares from where the escape pod was, he started to chuckle as he recalled some of the words he had changed in the alliance description as part of the prank,
"join us, we have cookies" and Micro laughed as he walked back to the Ares in his defeat, yet, this small personal victory seemed worth it.

(Based on a true alliance galaxy on fire story and timeline)

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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Xmas Story Contest by Lordcul » 25. December 2015 14:59
A Wiskey Three Alpha Cresent Christmas Story

By:Lord Cul of DNA

A great war being fought all the way to Christmas day.

Where out in the nebula Yule music began to play.

Two sides of a war stopped and listened with delight

Till one small voice exclaimed "Come on guys don't fight..

can't we have a stay of violence on this most sacred of nights?"

All the Interstellar's enemies looked about with a grin.

Even Rola From Burn Eden took the time to wipe drool from his Chin.

Lord Cul Of DNA took a giggle from the hilarious site

Of the biggest villain of W3A asking mercy this night..

And low and behold from the depths of a Star

Came a Santa Red Fox of the System Lords flying 52 cars.

His laugh was all Jolly as it broke through night.

And he threw chunks of coal at Interstellar's fading light.

and he said with a chuckle as he most often did.

" Go Shaft yourself Intstellar, From this Nebula, you shall we Rid!!"

And he motioned to his minions with his glistening Claw.

They fell on the Interstellar leaving us all in awe.

So if you want a moral to this story on this bright Christmas day?

Don't mess with Wiskey Three Alpha or you most surely will pay.

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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Xmas Story Contest by Zouhdor » 25. December 2015 17:23
A Voids Heart

The Heart of a Void knows no love, at max it knows indifference but nothing above.
It cares to bring pain, it cares to gain reign.
It will never complain, cause it´s an AI in a game.

Voids fight Nivelians, Vossk and Terrans too.
They want only war, like there was nothing else to do.
It´s what they picture as joy, like they got a clue.

Sometimes, as they pace through the space,
they´re having an eye on an alien race.
And they notice these trees, that aliens like to grace.

They see the Vossk gather together, usually during a cold climate weather.
Terrans and Nivelians do just the same, having goose for dinner or sometimes game.
They notice colorful gifts, below these strange trees, and sometimes they wonder:"What´s up with these?"

And there is more to see, especially in a face of a child.
They did some research and found out it`s called smile.
The Voids get confused and speculate for a while...

Out of nothing, a sudden flash in the dark.
A silent teardrop rips their wolrd apart.
Love has been discovered, by a Voids Heart.


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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Xmas Story Contest by Star Serpent » 25. December 2015 20:37
Preface: This started out as a plot bunny a few months back, on the idea of kamikazes/fire cars in GOFA. They never actually clarify if the carriers and ships have living, breathing crews on them. I got half of the short story done before writer’s block made me abandon the thing. Turns out a Christmassy influence was just what I needed. Enjoy :wink:


My name is Samuel Nolan. I’m a retired and longest-serving member of the Naval Tactical Reconnaissance Squadrons- that was the official term, anyway. Really, they were just fancy names for what amounted to be, in the end, a suicide squad. I served for one week, if that matters to anyone. Unlike most of the poor bastards who had the misfortune to be conscripted into these units, I managed to survive.

This is my story.


Scout Carriers had a bad reputation in every single known naval force, but they continued to exist for the simple reason that nothing could match the accuracy the information they could gather. This stands true even today, despite all the fancy spy drones they have being thrown around like candy.

I’d been serving onboard the Courageous, one of the few Scout Carriers that had managed to survive deployment for more than a month. For a Scout Carrier, that was an amazing amount of time to survive. Most were destroyed within days, if not hours, of deployment.

I would like to clear it up in advance- I most certainly did not have a death wish, and serving on a Scout Carrier was not something that I had done voluntarily. But when your only choices amount to either ridiculously high chances of death or certain death, you choose the one that gives you a small chance at surviving, even if the chances are so small that you’d have better odds finding snow in a jungle.

But I’m getting off-topic here. You want to know the real story behind the only recorded suicide scout mission in the history of the Nebula that didn’t end with every scout dead. You want to hear about the Reconnaissance of Euclid-3.

The simple answer would be: it was Christmas.

I can already feel the vast majority of you scratching your heads, wondering what my three-word answer is supposed to mean.

I suppose I should elaborate. Our mission was as routine as a suicide mission could be. We had launched for Euclid-3 at 2346 Hours, Shroud Nebula Standard Time. Like every other ‘tactical recon’ mission, the stated mission objective was to ‘gain an accurate composition of hostile forces’. In simple words, we were to launch our fighters and hold off the entire enemy force while the Scout Carrier’s sensor systems scanned the whole planet. In case you were wondering, these Carriers tended to have onboard complements of seventy-five or so ships. In contrast, defended planets tended to have thousands of ships.


We had mere minutes to get into formation before the enemy would be upon us. Unlike a Fleet Battle, where the battle lines are drawn first before the fighter ships would clash, a recon attack was a lot messier. The fighter ships would have to lance forward and delay the onslaught of defending craft, hopefully long enough for the Scout Carrier to gather all the information and retreat.

Actually, calling it a ‘formation’ would be too nice. Tactical Recon Squadrons had no real formation, just basic rules of not bunching together too tightly. In any case, it wasn’t long before we entered weapons range of the defensive vanguard. The onboard computers found targeting solutions for the human pilots, who would then launch their missiles or fire their auto-cannons.

This held true for both sides, and there weren’t many differences in computing power or firepower on a ship-to-ship basis. Unfortunately for us poor scouts, there were a lot more ships in the defensive vanguard squadrons, who outnumbered us 2 to 1. Those odds were only going to get worse with every second that passed.

Cries of triumph, panic and then fear would roar through the squadron comms system, as ships on both sides would be killed. Invariably, our losses were heavier than the defenders’.

Adrenaline pumped through my veins, heightening my senses as I dove into the thick of it, with the second line of defending ships closing in on us. I don’t recall this part of the fight very clearly, only that the amount of friendly, green blips on my radar kept dropping, and that I kept thinking that I was next.

Eventually, that thought rang true. I did end up being hit. I remember the ‘catastrophic failure’ warnings the computer kept throwing out, as if the rear of the fighter ship disintegrating wasn’t making it clear enough. I remember thinking, ‘this was it’, and that I was going to die there, in orbit of a world I could care less about.

Miraculously, the radar onboard the craft kept working- it was probably the only piece of equipment that managed to stay functional. Nearly the whole radar screen was filled with red blips, with only a few green blips remaining. Those green blips died out too, each signifying a life snuffed out of existence.

As the last green blip faded, I accepted my fate. I was to die there, in high orbit of Euclid-3. To my great surprise, I did not feel any great anger.

A small wing of red blips broke off from the main formation, headed towards my wreck. This was it.

Calmly, I noted down the time and date- 0000 Hours, 25th of December.

A smirk crossed my face. It seemed like I’d die on different day than everyone else in the unit.

The red blips were much closer now, entering their weapons range. I closed my eyes.

The characteristic buzz of a target lock rang in the cockpit, and I instinctively knew the end was near.

“Attention, pilot. We’ve begun pulling back, as Command has ordered in accordance to the Christmas Truce. Your Carrier has been given permission to retrieve you. Have a Merry Christmas.”


Finishing Notes: The battle described in here doesn’t exactly conform to GOFA mechanics. In any case, I hope it was an enjoyable read. Merry Christmas (if a bit late), and Happy Holidays to you all.


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Unread post Re: [EVENT] Xmas Story Contest by KOA » 26. December 2015 06:41
Christmas Invasion

December 1
VC Destruction

He had been running the indoor track for the past two hours, but according to his neural implant, he still had another three miles to go. The neural implants were a new product created by the famous Fishlabs Mega Corporation. They had a monopoly on most of the high-end products including drone production manufacturing equipment, troop training equipment, and they even made the shipyards that built starship carriers. This new product was designed to give commanders almost complete control over their fleets. This allowed unprecedented synchronized maneuverability and weapons fire of his carriers and attack squadrons, which he had already tested seven earth standard days(ESDs) earlier on a collection of pirates. Today though, the neural implants were being used as an exercise aid. Due to the insane travel time from one system to the next, he started an intense workout schedule to help pass the time. His destination was the Muller Cluster which was located deep within the Shroud Nebula. He left his home system one ESD after destroying the pirates, but he still had another 14 ESDs before reaching his destination. The Muller Cluster was the defensive stronghold of the Stars Alliance. It was the ironclad wall that many powerful alliance had tried unsuccessfully to breech, so it was only fitting that this year's Stars' Annual Interstellar Christmas Celebration would be held there this year. This past year the Stars Alliance enjoyed an unusually long time of peace that fostered growth in military power, planets held, and membership.
"Beep beep!" The neural implant showed that the commander had an incoming call from the bridge. The commander stopped running to catch his breath. Using his eyes, he toggled through the visual display to activate communications.
"Report" said the commander in a surprised tone. He told his lieutenant to only disturb his workout if something important happened.
His female lieutenant answered, "Commander KOA, Commander Winters is on the line. He asked for your presence at the Holographic Projector, and for you to not use the neural comm."
"Then what's the point in having all this tech if I can't use it?" questioned KOA.
"I don't know but it sounds urgent," stated the Lieutenant
"Alright," KOA grudgingly says. "I'll be there in 20 min"
"I'll let him know Commander" replied the Lieutenant.
Considering the size of the ship KOA was in, he would have to use the automated transit railcars to make it to the bridge in time. KOA was currently on his flagship Destruction, a Void Class Carrier. These carriers were the most powerful and fastest ships currently in the Shroud. They also carried the last attack and defense wings, so KOA was proud of each of his. They were manufactured from remnants of ships created by another species called the Void. Unlike the Nivelians and the Vossk, this species could not coexist peacefully with Terrans like KOA, so they had to be exterminated without prejudice.
It ended up taking KOA 30 minutes to reach the bridge because he stopped by the Mess Hall for a post workout snack and a bottle of water. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as he walked on the the bridge. The bridge crew gave him a smart salute then returned to their duties. Standing in the middle of the bridge was the holographic projection of CaptWinters.
"Is everything alright CaptWinters?" asked KOA
"Oh, I see that you are finally trying to get into some semblance of shape. You were starting to get a little pudgy from all those snacks" laughed CaptWinters.
"I do love snacks" KOA said out loud to himself, "but look," KOA said holding up the water, "I'm trying to do better"
"That's a start" CaptWinters laughed out even louder
"What's the issue that was sooooo important" KOA says to try to change the subject.
CaptWinters' smile quickly turns serious and replies, "Did you hear about the Santa Clause Carrier Group."
"No I haven't. The last intel that I received stated that they could possibly be carrying the new blueprints to the new MKIII Assault Ships and MKIV Supercarriers to our regional Fishlabs Research Facility from the Discordia Galaxy. If that info were to be correct then that would be an awesome gift that I would need purchased for myself" said KOA.
CaptWinters sighed, wiped his brow, and replied, "Well that information was correct up until 200 Shroud Time yesterday. Admiral Cris Cringle has sent a distress signal and his message is grim." CaptWinters paused for dramatic effect.
"By all means, will you please continue?" KOA says very animatedly.
"Admiral Cringle states that he was attacked by a large fleet. After Void Carriers Dasher, Prancer, Donner, and Comet were destroyed. The enemy sent troops to board his flagship, Void Carrier Rudolf, where they stole the blueprints, kidnapped Mrs. Claus, and destroyed all of Admiral Cringles snacks," said CaptWinters.
"I am appalled. Who would do such a thing?" asked KOA
"I feel the same way brother," said CaptWinters shaking his head.
KOA replies with, "I mean it's one thing to eat all the snacks, but to destroy them all. This is ridiculous. I mean these people have to be from the worst of the worst. The absolute...."
"I think you are missing the point," declared CaptWinters
"And what is that?" questioned KOA, "What could possibly be the point that I am missing?"
"How about the fact that Mrs. Claus has been taken," exclaimed CaptWinters.
"Ehhh... She'll be alright. If she can put up with a fat guy who only works one day out of the year, then I think she'll be just fine," laughed KOA.
"What is it with you and snacks?" Inquired CaptWinters
"They are delicious," stated KOA matter-of-factly. "Back to the issue, who is this enemy fleet."
"Admiral Cringle doesn't even know. All he knows is that the enemy has over 200 Void Carriers. The weirdest part is that the words "Fiat Lux" were written on the side of some of them," replied CaptWinters.
KOA's jaw dropped almost hitting the floor. "Isn't that Galaxy billions of light centuries away."
"Yea, that's the scary part. My science team speculates that the only way for them to be here is for them to have upgraded their wormhole technology by the amount it would take us 3000 years. This kind of technological advantage is a game changer, and could prove detrimental to the harmony our galaxy has at this time," answered CaptWinters
"Have you been in contact with our leader, Merpheus" asked KOA.
"Not yet," replied CaptWinter.
KOA sighs and begins to pace back and forth on the bridge. After about about 10 min of going back and forth, he turns to his Lieutenant and say, "Lieutenant put me in contact with all the leaders of the Stars Alliance Family. They all are going to need to be present at the Muller Cluster at this point. We are going to need all the fire power we can get." KOA then turns back to CaptWinters and says, "I'll contact Galactus and Jewarkonrenais, but I need you to contact Ronon or Superhaste from SuperOps, Max from Maximus. I'll talk to Merpheus about contacting the Union of China."
CaptWinters made a slight twitch at the name of the UOC. They were the "Big Dogs" in the Shroud but they had a lot of enemies, both open and in the shadows. He then says, "That's quite a powerful collections of players. Do you really think they can all work together"
KOA smiles and says, "You really mean do I think that Jewark and his Highway 2 Hell Alliance and the UOC will be able to work together and not attack each other? Well, the answer to that question is, I don't know. This problem is beyond alliances. We will need every able bodied player for us to have a slim chance at success especially considering their tech advantage."
"Well, we know what needs to be done," sighed CaptWinters.

Muller cluster- War Council Chambers
December 15

"So are we all in agreement that we must do something to get Mrs. Claus and those blueprints back?" inquired Merpheus, the supreme leader of the Stars Alliance Family.
"Our commitment in this endeavor was never in question," shot-back Cornelius, the leader of the StarGuard Alliance who sitting across from him.
"Correct. This development is troubling. I'm sure that you have the full might of the Stars Family at your disposal," continued Kane1, the leader of the Confederate St who was sitting to the left of Cornelius.
"You just tell us where to point and we will shoot," exclaimed Wolverine, the leader of the United Earth Government who seated to the right of Cornelius.
"Thank you all, but our problem remains to be the enemy's 200 plus Void Carriers and their effectiveness against the Santa Claus Carrier Group," interjected CaptWinters who was sitting to the right of Merpheus.
Up till this point, KOA had remained quite. He was sitting to the left of Merpheus. He didn't feel like his input was currently needed. It was partly because he was the youngest person on the council, but he was also secretly playing CandyCrush on his neural implants.
"KOA what do you think," CaptWinters said knowingly at KOA.
KOA smiles knowing he got caught. He was also alerted to an incoming message. Taking advantage of the message he replies, "Well according to the teamwork of our combined science teams, the enemy was able to identify Admiral Cringle's flagship and jam his control over his other ships. This caused mass chaos of the Admiral's forces, and allowed the enemy to divide and conquer the Santa Claus Carrier Group."
Cornelius raises his hand to politely interrupt KOA and says, "How do we use this data."
"This is important because this shows us that we can't have one designated leader. The enemy would most definitely target the leader to create as much confusion as possible. Instead we should use battle groups with a minimum number of players in each group. If one gets targeted, then the rest will not be affected."
Everyone nodded in agreement.
Kane1 stands, points in the direction of the Shroud, and say, "I just received a message from one of my members, and they have found the enemy fleet. They are located in the M Sector, more specifically the Pupir system."
Merpheus also stands and say, "There you go people. We have some rescuing and some ships to destroy. Let's destroy these scum Christmas Eve so we can party Christmas Day!"
Everyone cheered in unison.
"I'll contact the others," said CaptWinters as he stands up to leave the War Council Chambers. He immediately runs to the nearest Rail Transit station because air travel was not feasible being 3 miles underground. The Rail Transit network was probably the best mode of transportation anyway because it would take him directly to the Stars Interstellar Communications Hub.
Leaving the rail car, CaptWinters uses his neural implants to send his ID biometrics to the five security checkpoints that would be located down a long access tunnel that led to Stars Communications Command. This allowed him to run nonstop down the five mile corridor.
Upon reaching the Communications Command Chambers, CaptWinters immediately contacted all of the heads of the majors powers with all the new information of the upcoming battle. He eventually spend the rest of the day contacting leaders. This combined force would become known as the Shroud Allied Powers, SAP for short. This force would command a whopping 400 fully loaded Void Carriers into battle.

M Sector- Pupir System
December 24

KOA's fleet enters into the Pupir system about two days after the serious battling began. There were bits and pieces of dead ships everywhere. Many of these ships still had active responders that identified them as both allied and enemy. Because of this, KOA had to carefully steer his fleet through to prevent damage to his ships. He was awed by the scene of destruction. It was agreed that the war would commence Christmas Eve, but apparently some alliances didn't want to wait. KOA assumed that some of the players wanted to have access to the upgraded wormhole drives because some scans of the debris showed concentrated weapons fire on areas other than where the wormhole generators would be. KOA figured that he'd get those eventually. Coming into this battle, KOA knew that SAP's ship number advantage may not be enough to win the war alone. The full extent of the enemies offensive capabilities were also unknown. For that reason, KOA was a little annoyed by the impatience of some of his allies, but there was nothing he could do for them now.
KOA turns to his Lieutenant and asks, "Lieutenant, what is the status of the ongoing?" KOA already knew the answer to that question, but he was trying to mold her into a captain that would one day command one of his carriers.
"Well Commander, the battle currently looks fairly even. Our numbers seem to be balancing their tech advantage," said the Lieutenant.
KOA smiles at her assessment and says, "Very Good Lieutenant. What would be your recommendation?"
The Lieutenant highlights a group of enemy ships at the periphery of their formation, and says, "Well considering this battle appears to be a free-for-all, we should apply our fleet right here. These enemy ships are in a bad strategic location and seem to be calling out to be destroyed."
KOA being temporarily distracted contacts the Mess Hall and asks, "Can someone please bring us some snacks. These situations always gives me the munchies."
Irritated because she was ignored, the Lieutenant says, "What do you think Commander?"
Knowing he was caught red handed, KOA responds by saying, "I like your plan. Let's get to it! I want Crescent Formation!!"
Immediately, KOA's 53 piece fleet takes the appearance of a crescent moon with the two prongs facing the enemy. His Void carriers were equally distributed throughout the crescent. Not wanting to take the obvious position in the middle position, KOA situated his flagship deep among the left side of the formation. KOA then signaled his fleet to engage full engine burn to maneuver towards the enemy location as soon as possible.
After an hour of full at full burn, KOA's forces reach the enemy location. Using his insane momentum, he launched his squadron of fighters, bombers, and interceptors to attack the enemy's squadron. KOA's forces outnumbered the enemies forces 2 to 1, and they were all the latest Second Generation models. The enemy still had a tech advantage, so KOA used his neural implants to divided his forces. Half would distract the enemy squadron, and the other half would target the carriers. KOA was hoping that the enemy's attack wings would sacrifice themselves to protect the carriers. Due to the crazy speeds of KOA's attack wing, the half that were targeting the carriers shot right past the enemy's squadron. The enemy could not turn to follow because they were immediately attacked by the second wave of attack plans. This second wave was able to catch the first off guard temporarily, which allowed the destruction of some of their ships. The temporary advantage turned into a stalemate as the battle evolved into a hornet cloud of activity. Ships were weaving in and out of each other's targeting trajectory all while trying to prevent friendly fire. This ship versus ship melee continued until KOA's first waved arrived at the enemy carrier's position and began their own bombing run and assault. This caused an immediate response from the enemy attack wing which tried to disengage from KOA's second wave. As the enemy attack wing retreated to provide protection for the carriers, KOA's second wave viciously attack the rear of the of the enemy. At that point, KOA used his neural implants to redirected his first wave to also attack the enemy squadron to have both sides crush the enemy in the middle.
While KOA was controlling the squadron battle, the Lieutenant was handling the battle between the carriers. Both sides were trading Ion Cannon beams, and both sides were taking severe shield's damage. The enemy suddenly unleashes a wave of 500 nuclear fusion missiles. These missiles appeared to be faster and more powerful than anything the Lieutenant had ever seen. The power readings were off the charts. The Lieutenant immediately responds by activating the Missile Defense System. Thousands of barrels began to project out of all the carriers' hull. All of the barrels began to fire depleted uranium pellets shotgun-style. All of these pellets were intended to form a wall of mass to stop the missiles. The bridge-crew confirmed multiple hits and destroyed missiles, but 30 missiles were able to make it through. These missiles ended up destroying 10 of KOA's carriers, including 3 Void Carriers.
KOA immediately notices the destruction of some of his prized carriers and says, "Where are my snacks? I feel like eating my feelings."
Right on cue, one of the Mess Hall lunch ladies comes in and brings KOA some milk and cookies. KOA replies, "Thanks Kamy, are we still on for this evening? It could all be so simple" followed by a wink.
Kamy laughs and walks out of the bridge.
KOA turns back to the situation at hand after watching Kamy leave, and says "Alright I'm taking over. You have lost enough of my ships today" while looking in the direction of the Lieutenant. "What I want is concentrated fire on one ship at a time. We will destroy each carrier and move to the next"
This tactic proved to be highly effective. KOA's force were able to destroy of the enemy carriers in that area, but KOA still lost another 5 carriers. Luckily, none were Void Carriers.
KOA stands from his command chair and states, "We won't last with this type of attrition. We must end this battle quickly. If those missiles show us anything, then it's obvious that we must do something before the enemy can use any other of their surprises. He was also becoming more concerned about the stolen upgraded blueprints. Those blueprints would turn the enemy into an unstoppable foe, so they must be retrieved immediately. Then he had an idea.
"Engineering Chief, do you think you can hack into there jamming signal and find the enemy's flagship," inquired KOA.
"That should not be a problem Commander," replied the Engineering Chief.
"Let me know when you've got it found," said KOA. KOA then contacted the general of his troops. "General, I am going to need your troops for a boarding action."
"I will get that done Commander," snapped the General. "How many of them will you require?"
"All 10 million of them and I'm coming with you," said KOA with a big smile on his face. "The more troops we use, the fewer we will lose. You have 2 hrs to have them all locked and loaded into the boarding crafts. That's when I'll be down there."
"Yes sir," snapped the General while doing his best salute.

1 hour later

The Chief had been pressed to find the backdoor of the jamming signal for the past hour. He was using a hacking app that he created that looked like Clash of Clans where he was the attacker and the enemy was the home base. He was using every virus and program at his disposal to bring down the enemy's firewall and server protection. He was sending attacks like waves of barbarians to destroy the walls and get to the TownHall, which in this case was the enemy mainframe. The enemy had there own defenses and counter-virus protection programs, so the Chief's console, to the naked eye looked like a video game. After about another 15 minutes, the Chief successfully hacks into the enemies mainframe. The Chief lights up the Holographic Display and points to a cluster of enemy ships. "The signal is coming from one of these ten ships. I am unable to narrow it down any further," said the engineer.
KOA responds by saying, "This is great. Forward that to the General."
"Yes Commander," replied the engineer.
KOA contacted the General again and said, "General, I want a million forces to board and capture each of these ships. The troops need to be ready as soon as possible. I'll be down in a moment."
"Yes Commander" saluted the General.
"Ummmm, Commander," says the Chief nervously.
"What's the problem Chief," responded KOA.
"Well it seems that the enemy was able to trace our signal which should have been impossible. I was bouncing our signal through proxies throughout the SAP. The enemy's tech is impressive to say the least. They now know where our flagship is located," said the Chief worryingly.
"I was afraid of that," sighed KOA, "but what can we do? We can't worry about things we can't control. Now we must take risks. We will just have to move up the time table and assault the group of ships containing the enemy flagship right now."
KOA contacts his fleet and let's everyone know that they are about to run the gauntlet to the enemy flagship. He ends his address by saying, "I am proud of everyone of you, but there comes a time when we all must become the 'captains of our own fates,' but I believe I can fly and also touch the sky. You just have to have hope and believe that there are snacks on the other side and there are Kamys there to bring them to you...."
"Commander!!!" shouted the Lieutenant to get him back on track.
"Excuse me. We can do this. I have faith in each of you, and above all may Merry Christmas and Godspeed," said KOA.
KOA called back all of his remaining attack squadron so they could move to their final destination. When all of the remaining squadron were back, KOA launched his ships at full burn towards the group of ships that contained the command ship. As KOA's fleet flew past the enemy carriers, this ship's shield were taking heavy damage. KOA, using his neural implants broadcasted his intentions to the SAP, and they began to attack the enemy more vigorously to draw their attention. KOA's forces did not do anything but move as fast as they could until they were 1 light minute away from the enemy ships. At that moment, KOA released all of his attack squadrons again and blitzed deep into the enemy formation. His ships were taking a lot of damage, but KOA relentlessly pursued the group of ships that supposedly contained the flagship.
KOA stands from his command chair and says, "Lieutenant, you have the bridge. I will be with the troops. Once we are out, I want you to get the carriers to safety. The attack squadron will protect us"
"Aya Commander KOA," snapped the Lieutenant. Everyone on the bridge snapped to attention.
KOA left the bridge and went directly to the elevator which would take him to the troop deck. KOA kept about 1000 troops on each of his carriers at all times to repel enemy boarders, but the bulk of his forces were aboard his Troop Carriers. His flagship contained ten boarding crafts. Each craft could carry 130 troops, but KOA was not the biggest fan of math so he kept it simple with only 100 troops. This also allowed extra carrying capacity for ammunition and heavy weapons. KOA went to the armory, put on his armor, and loaded up on ammunition. After that he found his designated boarding craft and waited for the Lieutenant to get them to the right position.
10 minutes after KOA's speech, KOA's troop carriers were also loaded and all ready to release there boarding crafts.

About 30 minutes later

The Lieutenant comes onto the intercom and says, "We have reached our destination. Boarding crafts are clear to take off. Godspeed."
As one, every boarding craft began to launch into space. Because of their proximity, the enemy was not able to destroy many of the boarding ships. KOA immediately takes control of his troops and say, "We are going to make this enemy wish that never came to the Shroud"
The troops cheered.
When the boarding craft reached the enemy carriers, the all landed on the carriers. The bottoms of the crafted contained a thermite charge that would make a 3 foot diameter hole. This allowed troops to board the carriers without using the destination hatches. The enemy would have most definitely fortified the hatches. These crafts covered the enemy carriers, so KOA's troops were everywhere. They each had their designated section of the various ships to secure. There was only 1 million enemy troops. The enemy also did not seem to have any upgraded troop tech, so KOA's forces slaughtered the enemy troops.
"Where is Mrs. Claus?" KOA asked the General.
"Sorry Commander, but we have not found her yet," apologized the General.
"We'll get her back," stated KOA
"We were able to hack into the system to retrieve the blueprints," said the General triumphantly.
"Good to know," said KOA. "She may be on the enemy bridge. All forces are to head towards the bridge. We have no room for prisoners, and we'll clean up after."
"Aye sir," saluted the General.
It took his troops about 5 hours, but they eventually were able to capture all ten ships, retake the blueprints, and save Mrs. Claus. She was found tied up on the bridge. She told KOA that the enemy had mischievous plans for her, like making licorice. KOA thought to himself in disgust, "Who eats that stuff anymore?"
KOA then contacted CaptWinters with an update saying, "We have secured the package. How is the battle going?"
CaptWinters replies, "The tide has turned in our favor and we are kicking their butts badly."
"Okay, in that case I am going to take Admiral Cringle his wife and stuff before anyone else tries to force her to make nasty snacks. I can't believe the nerve of some people," KOA spat out.
KOA took his prizes to Pupir's star where Admiral Cringle was holding orbit. The allied forces were mopping up any of the enemy that they could find.
After the transfer of the blueprints and Mrs. Claus, the Santa Claus Carrier Group left Pupir to travel to every solar system to provide each of the children there with present. Well at least the ones that were on his nice list.
The players each went their own ways to the Christmas parties that each had planned.

The End

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We are children of the Cosmos. And our dear house
W2A extension Nova Galaxy on fire
Alliances would reply and war is intrinsically durable,
What we feel fused in one, Because Christmas is coming, there will be peace even for a moment.
And at each point of the world on all planets world focuses.
And the life everywhere the life in matter itself,
In the depths of matter from edge to edge
Solemnly flowing in the fight against the great darkness,
Suffering and burning, never stopping.

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B Man

Sever 4



Long before the galaxy was a hub for trade and war there was a race of red colored beings the few who live to tell the Galaxy about these beings have gone in to hiding in order to survive. The Vossk Empire will pay any price for information on these long lost beings. The only known person to know anything about these beings is a old Terran commander before the days of admiral smith. This commander went by the name of Benny, he has been hunted by more bounty hunters,Pirates and mercenaries then any, one person can count. The Vossk high command also tried to capture him they saw him then, he was gone. It was reported that when he left he was half purple and half red. He has never been seen since but the Terran armada captured and executed the vossk there was no one else in the station and there was no radio communication with the armada. How were they there and how so quickly? They were deep in Vossk space it would have 3 days at least to get to that station! The commander of the armada was said to be the grand father of admiral smith, it has never been confirmed.
Admiral smith rose to power very quickly his families military history help him. He was considered crazy by most of the Terran high command during the time before the Vossk-Terran wars. One commander was very close to admiral smith he was Waiting in admiral smith's office when he saw a red glowing object he touched it and was reported dead 2 days later,but not for waiting admiral smith's office but for being killed in a Vossk ambush! The Vossk emperor was in rage when he found out they being framed for a murder he order attacks on Terran outposts for revenge witch sparked the Terran-Vossk war.
After admiral smith died a red and purple figure appeared at his grave and stole the red glowing object. And left a pink crystal witch was found and when it was being transported to tynome but was stolen before it could be studied. A note was found saying:我是一个超级无效
Witch translates "I'm a super void" the tomb stone name was changed to "Lord Benny the Second". It was looked in to by Brent Snocom and deep space but it was concluded that it was a vandalism by some low level Vossk thugs.
A few years later the shroud nebula was discovered. Many tried, few seceded, but for some failure was not an option. Alliances were forged, battle fought, and wars waged. Until now alliances have fought each other to complete destruction but, When the time came all the alliance agreed on 1thing the voids must be fought and they must win.
The Vossk tracked a void signal like they have never seen before they went to the signals it was a ship the size of a station. The Vossk radar said it was the at the location of the Terrans first jumpgate in to the shroud nebula but there were no Terrans there. The Vossk were sure their radar was right. The only conclusion the Vossk could think of was this was the first place a Terran when to the shroud nebula but not the Terran armada. Benny was the Vossk high commands first guess and they hoped they were right. The ships they sent with battle hardened pilots never returned.signals like those to this day have never been seen in the shroud nebula.
The Vossk empire hopes to find the answers to Benny and the super voids in the newly discovered neox sector and test there military capabilities as they have done and are doing with the normal voids of the shroud nebula.