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Unread post Re: Code of Conduct by Ruediger » 28. March 2017 13:45
JacquesLeNeuf wrote:I would assume that calling people the "N" word and disparaging black people just based on race would be sufficient to report? In several countries that is a felony these days. I sent you a ticket for that just now. But what is the punishment for severe violations like that? Please review the ticket or I will have to post full details here.

We review every report we receive about violations against the code of conduct as soon as possible. If there is a violation we will punish the offender accordingly. However, we will not infornm you or the community about details of the punishment, this is a matter between us and the affected player.

Remember, if you are offended or annoyed by a player, the best and easiest thing you can do is to put this player on ignore.

If you have any questions about what is against the code of conduct and what is allowed, feel free to ask. There is no doubt that racist terms are not tolerated in our chat.