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Unread post Snowboard Hero - Update by SebastianG » 5. December 2011 12:49
Hello everyone,

Right in time for the winter season, we put out an extensive update for our action-packed fun sports spectacle Snowboard Hero, which originally hit the App Store in late March 2011. While the game has already received a whole lot of new content in the form of additional characters, tracks, events and achievements in the past, the current update finally upgrades the award-winning winter sports racer to a universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and now also iPad for the single price of € 2.39 / $ 2.99/ £ 1.99. Furthermore, the graphics of the game have also been improved specifically for iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

In Snowboard Hero you take over the role of one of six playable characters, each of which is equipped with a number of individual boards, outfits, skills and special moves, and take on an extensive career consisting of 66 different challenges on eight unique tracks. Race down the steepest scarps and most beautiful alpine areas and prove your skills and courage on all kinds of risky obstacles, such as half pipes, glacier tunnels and ski jumps. Take advantage of the game’s intuitive touch and tilt controls and master even the most dare-devil stunts and breakneck tricks at ease, while you collect extra-bonuses for your best maneuvers and record times. Leave your friends in the dust and show them who the real Snowboard Hero is by mastering the Record Chaser mode and dominating the online leader boards via OpenFeint and Game Center. And, of course, improve your character’s abilities by investing your hard-earned credits into better boards, new tricks and cool gadgets!

Due to the title’s high-resolution graphics and full support of AppleTV AirPlay, the pursuit of the next high score looks all the more impressive on the big screen in 720p via Wi-Fi or in Full HD via HDMI. And that’s not all, because the new update of Snowboard Hero still has another ace up its sleeve, namely the synchronization of save games via iCloud, which allows you to take your snowboarding career across platform boundaries and carry on one and the same game on a whole variety of different iOS devices.

We also like to present you an amazing video of the Snowboard Hero gameplay:


- Six playable characters with six standard and four individual special tricks to unlock
- Eight tracks with multiple runs in three different settings: piste, half pipe and open alpine area
- Individual boards and outfits for each character
- Five disciplines: time trial, freestyle, slalom, race, gate-time bonus
- Eight combination disciplines, including speedrun-slalom and race-speedrun-freestyle
- Record Chaser with online leaderboards in OpenFeint and Game Center
- Modifiable characteristics such as agility, speed, boost and jumps
- A total of 66 events
- High resolution support for retina display, as well as native support of the iPad’s 768p resolution
- Full support of AppleTV AirPlay: Race down the slope on your TV screen in 720p (Wi-Fi) or Full HD (HDMI)
- Synchronization of save games via iCloud

Best regards,


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Unread post by aarendavid » 27. March 2012 04:37
I Updated!!!!