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Unread post Snowboard Hero: Gameplay by Shadow » 4. March 2011 12:05
You start off choosing one of several characters in the game, each with his or her own varied stats and tricks. You can customize some of the look of the characters, as well as what board they’re riding on - which determines how well the player can tackle the mountain. The game will be shipping with 6 slopes, with 2 more difficult slopes coming in a free update at a later time. Like many console snowboarding games, you start each slope at the top of the run, then choose various paths to take down it. There are many different challenges to complete as you proceed down the slopes, some aiming for a high score, others requiring you race around obstacles. There are over 70 events to try, with several of them combining multiple kinds of event. You use cash earned through completing challenges to purchase new tricks to perform in the game.

Snowboard Hero plays very smoothly, with tricks being pulled off using finger gestures. As you can see by the video below, the visuals in the game are top notch, which is expected from the team who created the Galaxy on Fire series. Fishlabs is currently shooting for a release towards the end of this month.