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Unread post Official iPhone Game Trailer by Michael » 23. March 2011 19:21
Hi Guys,

To turn up the heat for the upcoming release of double IMGAward-winning ultimate alpine experience Snowboard Hero™ for iPhone™ and iPod™ touch, Fishlabs just released the official trailer.

Accompanied by Snowboard Hero™’s stunning soundtrack, the maverick in-game characters show off wicked signature tricks, insane air time sequences and super-fast downhill speeds - all wrapped up in next-gen console-quality graphics. Needless to say they can’t do so without showcasing some of the game’s neck-breaking tracks and demanding - but always fun! - challenges.

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Unread post by Shadow » 23. March 2011 21:13
Hey Michael,

Looks very good (what else did we expect???):smile:! I like Monica's and Kurt's presentations mostly because they have more interesting tracks.:D