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Unread post Tips on buying an Android device by Trubo_XL » 13. July 2012 17:28
Hello everyone,
I have been painstaking these days about how I should decide to buy a smartphone...

If you tell me to go for Apple iOS devices, then I am sorry, I do not have that much of money...
If you tell me to buy Windows Phone, again, not enough money...

So, I switch my focus to the Android platform...
For the first time ever, with Android, I get to know about hardware and software, in and out of Android as well as the Linux platform (also known as the third of the top 3 Operating Systems in the world)...
With more customisation, Android can be anything, from mobile to smart, 3D, 4G, tablet, and etc.

...and I got a Samsung Galaxy Ace back in 2011...

Though at first glance, the device look pretty cool. Apps and games are somewhat smooth (2D)...
Until that I found the device performed slowly in some apps and lacking of Flash support, I cannot browse the Web like in my computer...
Not to mention that it will not receive the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update...

So, after one year, I sold it.
I am currently searching throughout the Internet, finding a device that suites my all-round needs and the results are below...

1. Sony XPERIA go - Resistive phone
2. Sony XPERIA sola - Magic of Float touch

These XPERIA phones look good and their hardware is "almost" the same...
...except that these phones have their unique capabilities...

XPERIA go had been certified at "IP67 certified" - dust and water proof (up to 1m for 30 mins)
XPERIA sola has its cool float touch display

I don't know how to decide... Any supports for these phones and any suggestions for other phones are greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

#I am all-round person (prefers practical but a bit geek and also budget saving too), so please take a note of that...

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Unread post Re: Tips on buying an Android device by 9SMTM6 » 27. July 2012 01:30
Err... sorry, but if I would be you, I would have keept the Samsung Galaxy Ace. currently you can't get that much better Budget-Phones. That it don't get the ICS-Update has been clear scince it is out (HELLO, its a Budget Phone! You can count the Gingerbread-Phones that got a ICS-Update at two Hands!). And, if I'd be yo, I would not go wiht a Sony Device, if you think that your SAMSUNG Device is worse for some Apps. The Galaxy Ace of my Sister (with 800 MHz CPU) performs overall more or less the Same than my XPERIA X10 (with 1 GHz CPU, once a Top-Model of Sony Ericsson), because Samsung is using more Effective CPUs than the other in Most of their Phones (their Developing their CPUs themselves ("Exynos"), whilst most other Companies are using Qualcomm ("Snapdragon"), Texas Instruments, etc. CPUs). If you want a Cheeper Phone with more Power than the Ace, you have to wait some time, till new Devices are coming out.

If you dont want to wait longer, I'd go with another Samsung (they're the best in Cheap AND good Devices without bad Surprises) or a HTC maybe

All Prices from Amazon.de

Samsung Galaxy Ace II 240 Euro
Samsung Galaxy S Plus 280 Euro
Samsung/Google Nexus S (has ICS) 320 Euro
HTC ONE V (has ICS) 256 Euro <-My Favourite

Sorry, my comment that Sony has bad CPUs isn't true as long as we speak of these two Phones, the "NovaThor" is very good im many Tests. These Mobiles are Really damn good... even a Mali-400 GPU, VERY good... your choice is very good, SONY seems to finally change its course...

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Thanks 9SMTM6! Image
Your comments, other phone suggestions and the praise for my choices are noted...

But kinda weird that, the prices of SAMSUNG Galaxy Ace 2 is more expensive than HTC One V!!
Here in my country, the conditions are reversed... (Ace 2 is MORE EXPENSIVE THAN One V!)

But still, I think I will pick SONY XPERIA go with the following reasons...

-Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine
Enhances graphics in high definition...
GOF 2 HD, here I come!! ^^

-Mali 400MP GPU
For your information 9SMTM6, Samsung also implement Mali 400MP GPU into SAMSUNG Galaxy S II and S III!!
So I think that there will be pretty much a lot of games will be made compatible with XPERIA go!
(The only difference that Samsung uses a Quad-core GPU for both devices with Sony uses a Single-core GPU.)

-IP 67 protection http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_Code
The IP Code (or Ingress Protection Rating, sometimes also interpreted as International Protection Rating) consists of the letters IP followed by two digits or one digit and one letter and an optional letter. As defined in international standard IEC 60529, IP Code classifies and rates the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (including body parts like hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water in mechanical casings and with electrical enclosures.

Here, XPERIA go is made with the tightest case and it's water proof too!

How to read the code:
The codes are broken down into two parts...
1. Solid particle protection (first number)
2. Liquid ingress protection (second number)

So for XPERIA go is IP67, then... (refer to table in the Wikipedia link above)

Solid particle protection [6] - Dust tight (No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact)
Liquid ingress protection [7] - Immersion up to 1 m up to 30 mins (Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of submersion))

So, XPERIA go is a pretty tough phone...
And there's also a Youtube video demonstrating the toughness of XPERIA go...
(Since it's in German, I guess you will be more understand what the hosts are saying than myself.)

...any more phones to be introduce? Anyone?

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Unread post Re: Tips on buying an Android device by Trubo_XL » 3. August 2012 13:06
Ok, I think I will head your advice and wait for a new and better phone to come out...

Well, the thing is that I had read some articles saying that XPERIA go was a good phone but the overall performance is pretty low-average as compared to now-decent days standards...

Anyway, just hope that I will save up some budget at the moment...
So, cherio...

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Unread post Re: Tips on buying an Android device by jfc123 » 10. August 2012 01:09
How about an iPhone 3GS. It's free and is still being updated to ios6

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Unread post Re: Tips on buying an Android device by Trubo_XL » 10. August 2012 14:57
Well... The point I dont want to own an Iphone is that it really just too expensive...
And the promo your talking is only available in US with atat bundle...
I am living in Malaysia...

So yeah, still waiting Samsung realeasing SAMSUNG GALAXY Note 2...

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Dude, no, you should get Sony Xperia, they are really good for quality/price AND can run GOF2HD. I own one, the Xperia U, and I did not get any problems...

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iPhone5 15in Retina MacbookPro
Unread post Re: Tips on buying an Android device by jfc123 » 15. August 2012 01:05
It's not just AT&T. It is all of America. I don't know about Malaysia though.

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I'd recommend you a XPERIA S or a Galaxy SIII. I own the second one =)

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Unread post Samsung LOST in the Lawsuit with Apple by Trubo_XL » 25. August 2012 15:11
Hey guys, thanks for your suggestions...

But, I don't think I will buy some phone in a few MONTHS!!

...cause, you guys might have already noticed that SAMSUNG LOST IN THE LAWSUIT WITH APPLE earlier in Canada...

...and looks like Android's future looked uncertain and maybe left out if Google still don't do anything to stop it...

...and I think I will going for a Windows Phone (specifically Windows PHONE 8!) in the near future, only with condition that MICROSOFT give Malaysian customers to pick "MALAYSIA" as their payment region instead of "SINGAPORE" when buying XBOX games for WP...

ANYWAYS, cherio everyone... :)